YouTuber Magni Dezmond Reveals His Real Face and Describes His Past Lives


YouTuber Magni Dezmond Reveals His Real Face and Describes His Past Lives

English Virtual YouTuber Magni Dezmond, usually often known as Dez, has not given any particulars about his earlier.

He did, after all, merely enter the scene closing month.

Despite being a novice, he enjoys Cover Corp’s help and started off by interacting with admirers on Twitter.

They described Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS as a downtown bar and the location of the crew’s formation of their backstory. Before turning into a member of forces, they’ve been regulars on the bar. They obtained right here up with the moniker to characterize a turning degree of their life.

Vtuber Magni Dezmond

Did Magni Dezmond on YouTube Describe His Past Life?

Magni Dezmond, a digital webstar, has saved his prior life private on account of YouTuber Azehara Ch’s rumors about it have been unfounded.

The channel with larger than a thousand members pulled a random section from the TEMPUS premiere the place he was discussing remembering specifics.

He listed discovering out Japanese, signing, and turning into a member of the Holostars as his goals nonetheless had points recalling the which means of the Japanese Kanji.

But there was fully no level out of his prior life or one thing associated to it throughout the clip. The uploader admitted that he was a troll throughout the suggestions sections on account of he was aware of their flaws.

He defrauded larger than 19,000 of us, nonetheless he had no regrets about what he did.

What Is the Real Name of Magni Dezmond After the Face Reveal?

Given that Magni Dezmond is a digital decide, it’s horrible that he has not carried out a face reveal. Showichi Furumi is his illustrator, whereas Jujube is accountable for his design.

No one has ever seen the self-described alchemist go to work, even when he claims to have godlike skills. He talks about his enterprise endeavors and the way in which he traveled all all through Elysium sooner than settling down.

But it’s nonetheless unclear whether or not or not he creates potions. He stares into the abyss, wishing to remain in his delusions moderately than experience the horrors of his private actuality. His ideas is a riddle.

Uncovering the mysteries of the normal sages is, in actuality, his life’s work, nonetheless he moreover has a darker side that may develop to be obsessive and frenzied.

Before leaving their platforms, he created a youtube channel and posted an genuine tune as part of his method to affix the TEMPUS unit.

In July, he had amassed 100,000 subscribers and was nonetheless importing as quickly as day.

His content material materials is diversified, ranging from him collaborating within the sport and painting to inviting completely different viewers into the stream.

He is ready to surpass the aim of two million views all through your complete motion pictures with a median of 25k to 35k views every stream.

Do Magni Dezmond and TEMPUS Work Together?

Vtuber There are connections between Magni Dezmond and the technical company TEMPUS. He works as an alchemist and is the guild’s publicist.

As rapidly as a result of the businesses revealed their English-speaking VTuber group HOLOSTARS English, they’ve been acknowledged for his or her hololive reveals.

When their official Twitter account posted a thriller model mark with a hyperlink to their web page in July, rumors started to move into.

As the web page had a teaser for what was to return and a clock ticking down to three days later, their promoting and advertising strategies resembled a treasure hunt.

The first unit, which included digital characters Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, and Noir Vesper, was launched on July 18.

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