Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) fifteenth Jan 2022 Episode Written Update: Rudra And Ruhi Get Emotional


As we converse’s episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Yuvraj pretending to be shocked realizing about Preesha’s accident. With out dropping any time, he takes Preesha to a hospital. Right right here, Saachi moreover includes discover out about Preesha being injured. She will get tense and goes to tell Ruhi about it. In the meantime, Bunty asks Rudra to talk to Ruhi as he walks out of the automotive giving them privateness. Ruhi appears indignant. Rudra notices her mood and says that he’s acutely aware of her being indignant at him. He says that he’s conscious of that she is upset because of he didn’t come to fulfill her in particular person and left a letter instead.

Yeh Hai Chahatein today's episode

Ruhi asks Rudra to not apologize making the latter pull her in a warmth hug. Ruhi says that she didn’t take into consideration her best good pal leaving her with out even informing her. Rudra asks her to say what does she want from him to make her a lot much less indignant. She says that she is not going to be indignant nonetheless is upset as she obtained scared when she didn’t see him throughout the storeroom. Rudra will get emotional and hugs her. Right right here, Bunty thinks that Rudra received’t ever come to search out out about Ruhi being his daughter.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15-1-2022

On one different side, Yuvraj admits Preesha to a hospital. After the treatment, the doctor asks Yuvraj to not concern as she’s going to get increased rapidly. Yuvraj goes to Preesha and can get sad seeing her state. He thinks that he mustn’t have acted so rudely in path of her. Later, Yuvraj pushes his concepts aside and thinks he can’t let Preesha and Rudra unite. Right right here, Bunty goes to Rudra and asks him to go as they’re getting late. Ruhi will get emotional and asks Rudra to not go however. Rudra appears at her and says that he’ll come to fulfill her normally so she doesn’t should get sad.

Rudra tells Bunty that they need to drop Ruhi at her home first. Bunty will get scared pondering if he found Preesha there. Once they attain Ruhi’s home, Saachi tells Ruhi about Preesha’s accident. Rudra and Bunty get fearful. They take Ruhi to the hospital. Bunty asks Rudra to not go inside as it’ll make Ruhi’s mother question him. Right right here, the nurse comes and tells Preesha that she is okay as her husband launched her to the hospital on time. Preesha tells the nurse that Yuvraj is not going to be her husband. Watch Yeh Hai Chahatein and confirm what happens subsequent throughout the story.

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