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Chip Monck would be the second-best recognized behind-the-scenes individual from the unique 1969 Woodstock pageant, due to his having been drafted as a grasp of ceremonies for the daytime components of the occasion on prime of his evening job as its lighting designer.

The pageant is most related, after all, with co-founder Michael Lang, with whom Monck labored intently to arrange the logistics and look of the performances. Lang, who died final Saturday at age 77, was an unusually soft-spoken rock impresario, as Monck famous once we requested for his reminiscences of Lang and the occasion.

“Michael was a delightful person,” says Monck. “And he was a charismatic leader of the tangled web of folks jostling and jousting for position within Woodstock 1 — most of whom simply gave more than expected of themselves. Others gathered chevrons (and) simply were not team players. It was a bittersweet experience” due to that competitors inside the workforce, Monck added. But “other than that, Michael gathered a stunning array of talent, with a bit of help, and managed to present an exceptional event.” In his generally poetic vogue, Monck says that Lang was profitable in “developing a collection of pastry bag nozzles to place rosettes exactly where needed.”

Before Woodstock, Monck had labored on the Newport Folk and Monterey Pop festivals, and he went on to be recognized for his lighting improvements on the ’72 Rolling Stones tour and earned a Tony nomination for lighting “The Rocky Horror Show” on Broadway, amongst different plaudits. At 82, he’s nonetheless lively within the enterprise, albeit transplanted to a house base in Australia, the place we reached him this week.

VARIETY: You had been invited by Michael to return again as a visitor emcee for the fiftieth anniversary Woodstock, when it was scheduled to occur, proper? Had you been concerned in plans for it?

MONCK: Oh, to a level. Never received up there and by no means bothered to go to the location and all that form of factor. Michael simply despatched me an e mail and mentioned, “The 50th is coming. We need the voice.”

Did you take part in any means within the ’94 or ’99 anniversary festivals?

Not in any respect… Music shouldn’t be an simply controllable topic. He came upon in his later displays of Woodstock, {that a} band with a really tough edge searching for catastrophe could cause you one. It simply shouldn’t have been finished, I feel, for what it appeared to me to be, as a money seize. … I felt that the way in which music was altering and, with the way in which that the aggression was part of it, that it was going to take much more than the peace, love and happiness that we ended up in ‘69. So I really wasn’t enthusiastic about being concerned with them, and I had my very own stuff to concern myself with.

It’s ironic that, to the general public, you grew to become well-known because the emcee for Woodstock in 1969, when that clearly was not your job there. People realized later that was not your profession — lighting was.

Michael mentioned at about 6 o’clock within the morning, “Well, we forgot to get an emcee and you’re it, so you better move those people back about a hundred yards. Because when the rest of the crowd comes, they’ll be pressed up against the plywood, and all they’ll see is a sheet of plywood for three days.” So, my knees knocking collectively, I began and I requested them to take 10 massive steps backwards: “Don’t turn around, because then it’ll look like in advance against the people behind you. Just walk backwards and take 10 big steps” — and so they did it. All of a sudden I noticed that with an affordable request, and a purpose why, it was doable to steer these people, to a level. It labored. It was simply luck.

Surely you’ve learn concerning the Astroworld catastrophe with the gang surge. Woodstock was a distinct time. There wasn’t any large barrier there, proper? Just the plywood?

There wasn’t any barrier, no. Travis Scott, I haven’t met him, however I’m working together with his administration now (on doable tour plans). I’ve received a complete new design for him in arenas with very cautious manufacturing. We need to have a video presentation I’ve to present to them, most likely in February, when a few of this begins to settle down a bit … They threw him to the lions (when he spoke to the media). … He isn’t being schooled and being taught logically place himself on this peril…

Why did Michael draft you as emcee?

With him saying “Oh, we neglected to hire an emcee,” I feel with all greatest respect and caring to him, that he was simply wanting round and didn’t need to spend cash on the emcee … or have a Tommy Smothers or somebody like that, which might have been too flippant and an excessive amount of enjoyable. I feel he was simply wanting round to seek out out who would possibly be capable to deal with it. And I assume he thought perhaps I may. He might very properly have considered that lengthy earlier than I used to be invited. But I don’t fault him in any respect. I’ve the time. I’m not lighting something through the day, and all people is aware of what they’re speculated to be doing, so put me to good use. I’m grateful.

But the concept that you had been capable of ask individuals to step again at Woodstock, and so they simply did it… You name it partly luck. But perhaps you had a mesmerizing voice.

Luckily so, yeah. It doesn’t get shrill too typically. I simply get quiet after I get pissed off. [Laughs.]

It’s typically misquoted, however your legendary little speech about not taking the brown acid — do individuals ask you to recite it?

I’ve forgotten it. The solely factor that’s necessary is the tag, which is: “It’s your trip. So be my guest.” And I attempted to determine soften it, as a result of if you happen to had taken it, and it was lower than excellent or lower than good, it will have been a pity to freak anyone out. So that was the one very troublesome factor that I needed to do at Woodstock [laughs], to determine deal with that.

[Monck’s full verbatim admonition: “The warning that I received, you may take with however many grains of salt you wish, that the brown acid that is circulating around us, is specifically not too good. It’s suggested that you do stay away from that; of course, it’s your own trip, so, be my guest.”]


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In your precise job of lighting Woodstock, what had been the challenges?

When it received darkish, I needed to go to work. I used to be working courses beneath the deck beneath the stage, working followspot courses, having picked individuals out of the viewers that mentioned they’d some form of information of followspot operations. The followspots had been troublesome in these days, as a result of they burned carbon rods concerning the dimension of a pencil, and so they had been copper-clad, and people two rods would burn collectively in direction of one another, motorized. And you solely had 41 minutes of sunshine, after which that lamp needed to exit and it needed to be retrimmed. And so through the acts within the daytime, we had made the realm underneath the stage darkish sufficient, and actually what it was all about was trim that lamp. And then we received into the finite particulars of focus. The dimension of the spot was speculated to be the underside of the guitar to the highest of the pinnacle, and solely did you go head to foot when there was a purpose to see the entire individual. And it was simply courses, you realize.

But we managed to get a function movie lit with 12 followspots, with about 650,000 watts of sunshine, and 650 devices rested underneath the desk. So that’s the obstacles that we labored with. It would’ve been extra enjoyable to have had all of the bells and whistles. But it was OK. It appeared OK.

You described engaged on Woodstock as “bittersweet”… that there was some competition or a minimum of competitors among the many workforce engaged on it.

It could also be that a few of our working people that had been out extra for themselves than they had been for that unit. … The working models constantly fell aside. Everybody was making an attempt to get a leg up on the parents with which they had been working.

Luckily, most of my crew was taken from the Fillmore, which we constructed for Bill Graham. And then he kindly sufficient determined (to mortgage them out), as a result of he wasn’t going to e-book any acts, or couldn’t e-book any acts as a result of they had been all at Woodstock. They closed about two weeks earlier than, and I took all the fellows as much as Bethel. So fortunately I already had my fingers round extraordinarily crafted individuals who knew what I needed, after which would perceive as we began how troublesome or how simple that may be.

You mentioned the rain was key in bringing collectively the workforce spirit.

The Rain was an necessary contribution, as all of us appeared the identical — a bunch of drowned rats. No extra saluting your management; a smile could be adequate. You know, all people who dressed up a little bit extra within the workplace — all people tried to make a press release somehow — as soon as all people received moist and all of us had been simply the identical, then the viewers then knew that we weren’t hiding underneath a tarp or something — that we had been additionally in distress. So it was an awesome unifying function; thanks, Lord. It was a very good factor to have occur, as a result of it sort of took all people all the way down to a standard denominator.


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Woodstock producer Michael Lang and Chip Monck
Courtesy Chip Monck

What was Michael’s character like in directing a lot of this?

He’s not excessively meticulous and particular. He takes time to take a look at the scenario and to try to see how he may help transfer it within the course that fits the unit or the grouping. He works otherwise than the same old promoter or organizer of music. He’s very quiet and by no means raises his voice. And then it’s fascinating to see how he can at all times be calm. You can solely inform his command of the scenario by the way in which that he smiles or the way in which that he approaches somebody. So in different phrases, his instruments are completely different from mine.

With the Jaggers of the world, you are available and state your online business and get out, and also you be sure that it is rather properly coated. Because there’s seven personalities there and you need to determine which individual you might be talking to rapidly; in any other case you don’t get an viewers and there’s no purpose so that you can be summoned. Michael has a softer means of coping with individuals. And it really works, however these individuals need to be in keeping with him, or simply directed. Because he’s not a Bill Graham, who’d want to punch you quite than converse to you. [Laughs.]

You had finished lighting at plenty of festivals earlier than this, together with Monterey Pop, however was Woodstock actually a springboard for the profession you’ve had for the final 50-plus years?

I had my very own form of level of purpose, and I needed to get to the majors. And instantly after Woodstock we went to do Crosby, Stills and Nash with Joni Mitchell on the Greek. And lo and behold, Jo Bergen was there, who was a mixture PA for Michael Philip Jagger. And she received on the telephone to Mount Ferry, the place he was doing “Ned Kelly,” and mentioned, “I found your light man,” and thanks very a lot. It’s one live performance after one other after one other, and in the event that they’re not getting higher and higher and higher, you get swept underneath the carpet.

You can say that Woodstock was fucked and it didn’t work and this, that and the opposite factor. It was a serious factor to have the ability to stroll into and to stay via, to get a lot of the issues finished that you simply needed to. Lit a function movie with solely 12 lamps. Yeah, I’m very happy to have been concerned. And had I not, I most likely wouldn’t have gotten the Stones, both, as a result of I wouldn’t know CSN in addition to I did. Even although the (“Crosby, Stills and Nash”) report had been out for six months or so, all of the lyrics had been in my head (at Woodstock), so I knew precisely who was going to do what. No, it was crucial to have finished that. I’m certain I wouldn’t have had the Stones with out having finished Woodstock. It was an necessary stepping stone – so thanks, Michael.

What was the largest distinction between lighting then and lighting now?

I take advantage of followspots as my paintbrushes. In the current world of lighting, all the pieces is completely programmed, however you possibly can’t program an act who’s going to do what they need to do. So why do you suppose you possibly can program a present, completely on disc, and anticipate the act to observe it? I simply have a rub in opposition to what I see now. It isn’t as fluid and it isn’t as articulate as I feel it needs to be. But anyway, that’s as a result of 5 years with Jagger and 5 years with Bette Midler, there’s a precision that’s required. And then when you get to that stage, you’re regularly making it higher. It’s the identical in virtually all companies. You need to excel.

What do you’re feeling like the last word legacy is of a man like Michael? There are plenty of completely different takes on him, some knowledgeable by the next festivals, or 2019’s non-festival.

I feel he will probably be recognized or remembered for an distinctive achievement in ‘69. And I think that all the thoughts of the subsequent Woodstock efforts will just fade away. In ’69, it doesn’t make any distinction if the fences weren’t up or weren’t steady sufficient to carry individuals again. Who knew how many individuals had been coming? It was a shock. And I he did properly with the instruments that he had. There’s no means of tarnishing Woodstock.


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