Windows security update KB5004945 breaks printing on Zebra printers


Microsoft’s current out-of-band KB5004945 Print Nightmare security updates are avoiding Windows individuals from printing to specific Zebra printers.

Last month, a PoC make use of for a brand-new Windows Print Spooler remote code implementation and also regional benefit rise susceptability called Print Nightmare was unintentionally revealed on GitHub.

Soon after, Microsoft recognized that it was proactively made use of, and also an informal 0Patch micropatch was launched to briefly deal with the susceptability.

This week, Microsoft launched compulsory out-of-band Windows security updates to deal with the remote code implementation part of the Print Nightmare susceptability.

However, scientists rapidly figured out that these spots did not deal with the susceptability in all instances.

Unfortunately, the spots are additionally triggering printing problems for some Windows individuals.

Security update triggers printing problems

In various records shared on Twitter and also Reddit [1234], Windows individuals mention that they can no more publish to specific Zebra tag printers after mounting the update.

“We have about 1000 customers using Zebra printers and are getting flooded with calls from them not being able to print. This update is the culprit for sure as rolling it back has things spitting out again instantly,” an influenced individual published to the Sysadmin subreddit.

Soon after, several various other Zebra proprietors verified that they also were having problems after mounting the update.

According to individuals impacted by the pest, it is just impacting printers straight affixed to Windows tools using USB. Zebra printers connected to a print web server are not impacted.

Windows individuals additionally report that just certain Zebra versions are impacted, with LP 2844, ZT220, ZD410, ZD500, ZD620, ZT230, ZT410, and also ZT420 being several of the well-known versions impacted by the spot.

After uninstalling the security updates, individuals mention that the printers start to function great once more. As this is an obligatory security update, after time, Windows will immediately re-install the update.

It is uncertain what is triggering the concern, yet the security update changes the localspl.dll data with a brand-new customized variation. Changes in this DLL might be contravening the Zebra printer vehicle drivers and also avoiding printing.

For those impacted, you can briefly avoid this update from being set up once more, yet it is essential to figure out if printing is more vital than the threats of the susceptability.

BleepingComputer has actually connected to Zebra concerning this concern yet has actually not listened to back currently.

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