Windows 11 dark mode has quieter, more soothing sounds


Windows 11 delivers an upgraded interface and also an overhaul to the device sounds, consisting of unique sounds for Light Mode and also Dark Mode.

When cultivating Windows 11, the Microsoft audio group cultivated brand-new device sounds made to deliver a tranquil expertise while still having the capacity to advise you of one thing as needed.

“Windows 10 sounds were sharp, literally created with sharp wave lengths. In Windows 11, we have focused on making the technology calm. In order to do this, we needed to reevaluate our sound scape to also be calm,” Microsoft informed BleepingComputer in a claim.

“The new sounds have a much rounder wavelength, making them softer so that they can still alert/notify you, but without being overwhelming.”

“Just like we rounded UI visually, we rounded our sound scape as well to soften the overall feel of the experience.”

Unlike all previous variations of Windows, Microsoft additionally produced various variations of the device sounds for Windows 11, relying on whether you remain in Light Mode or even Dark Mode.

For Light Mode individuals, the sounds are actually suggested to become brighter and also louder, while in Dark Mode, the sounds will certainly be actually quieter and also more controlled along with a minor reflect.

“We introduced light and dark sound options so that people who may have low visibility or no vision can still experience light and dark themes audibly. Themed sounds improve productivity by matching your working style through your theme. Dark Sounds help you stay in focus while Light Sounds ensure you’re always engaged” – Microsoft representative.

The Light Mode sounds are actually still held under the C: Windows Media directory along with the brand-new Dark Mode sounds held under C: Windows Mediadm.

Compare the Windows 11 Light and also Dark mode sounds

With Windows 11, Microsoft produced 10 brand-new device sounds that will certainly be actually participated in while inDark Mode These 10 sounds, and also their Light Mode equivalents, are actually featured listed below to review their variations effortlessly.

The Light Mode noise will definitely remain in audio management along with a white colored history, while the Dark Mode noise will definitely be actually the dark history.

We have actually additionally tagged each noise based upon nonpayment project under the ‘Program Events’ part in the Windows 11 Sound homes display screen.

Asterisk, Default Beep, Exclamation, Low Battery Alarm, System Notification: This device noise is actually participated in when an alert is actually featured, including a precaution information.

Critical Battery Alarm and also Critical Stop: This noise is actually performed when a mistake takes place.

Device fell short to attach: This noise will definitely perform when a placed gadget could possibly certainly not be actually accurately established through Windows 11.

Device Disconnect: This noise will definitely perform when you separate a tool, including a USB trick, coming from your pc.

Calendar Reminder: This noise will definitely be actually performed when a Calendar celebration takes place.

New Email Notification and also New Fax Notification: When a brand-new e-mail or even facsimile is actually acquired, this noise will definitely participate in.

(*11 *)

New Text Message Notification: This noise will definitely participate in when you obtain a brand-new text.

Notification: This noise will definitely participate in when a plan desires to give out an alert.

Windows User Account Control: This device noise will certainly participate in when a User Account Control swift is actually featured in Windows 11.

There are actually still many device sounds that carry out certainly not possess brand-new Dark Mode variations. So our experts will certainly must stand by and also find if Microsoft incorporates various other sounds down the road.

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