Will There Be A Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2?


If, like several, you dropped head-over-neo-noir-heels for Netflix’s just recently launched minimal scary set, “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” you might currently be thinking about when as well as if you’ll be managed to additional of what CNN author Lisa Respers France phones “one long fever dream.” Of training course, the issue along with yearning for a Season 2 of a restricted set is actually that, regrettably, phrases possess significance, as well as “limited” commonly implies simply that.

According to Refinery29, the phrase “limited series” is actually simply “peak TV’s answer to the tired-sounding ‘miniseries’ label of yore.” Nevertheless, that does not suggest specific policies do not still use. “A limited series has to actually be limited,” the short article conditions: “Its story must end when its final episode ends. If the program returns for a second season, it must explore completely new territory, complete with a new cast of characters.”

These very same policies will use when it comes to “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” so it looks that, even when it performed come back for one more payment, a great deal of what audiences liked concerning the authentic will be missing out on. (Including Rosa Salazar’s captivating imitation of the revenge-thirsty Lisa Nova.)

Will there be a 2nd payment in all?

While various other writer-directors have actually handled to take the very same stars back as new personalities if you want to maintain subsequential periods settled strongly in the “limited series” classification (find: Ryan Murphy), “Brand New Cherry Flavor” producer Nick Antosca possesses, currently, no such objectives. In a meeting along with Screen Rant, Antosca stated “We planned it as a contained story … we felt we wanted to take this journey with this character. So, we took elements of what Todd created to tell a contained story.”

By Todd he implies Todd Grimson, writer of the 1996 book where the set takes its own title as well as motivation. The developers’ need to respect Grimson’s authentic job is among the explanations it is actually improbable our experts’ll find a Season 2. As iHorror documents, Antosca uncovered, “They wanted to remain spiritually faithful to the original, honoring what Grimson wrote in ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor,’ while paring the story down so that it could be told in one season, rather than five.”

Sigh Fair sufficient.