Why Jennifer Kim Is The Best Minor Character From NCIS: LA


The hue of “NCIS: LA” contains acquainted skins from TELEVISION, movie, and also songs: LL Cool J and also Chris O’Donnell attribute as Agents Sam Hanna and also G. Callen, while Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, and also “Best Supporting Actress” Academy Award victor Linda Hunt complete the lineup. Recurring characters have actually been actually filled up due to the similarity “Twin Peaks” frequent Miguel Ferrer, “Meet Joe Black” superstar Claire Forlani, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” alumnus Nia Long, and also “The Orville” aviatorScott Grimes But one character our company had actually passion to find profit is Melise’s Jennifer Kim.

Kim was actually launched in the Season 7 incident “Cancel Christmas,” through which a North Korean spy is infected and also reached through a vehicle moving Christmas plants. Kim ends up to have actually pertained to America to execute an other North Korean spy. Eventually, it is uncovered that she is the misbegotten child of NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer). She issues and also right now resides in a risk-free residence.

Melise is savvy at participating in compassionate backstabbers

You certainly never recognize what edge Jennifer Kim is actually on. Since Kim was actually launched as a spy, a duplicitous character, she performs certainly not totally have the count on of the “NCIS: LA” group. She from time to time appears for incidents where her specific capability is required, yet because her dad’s death in the soul wrenching “Liabilities” incident ( and also the fatality of star Miguel Ferrer in reality), it seems to be much less most likely that she is going to give back for potential periods.

Melise is familiar with shady-yet-lovable personalities. She participated in Anna on “The Vampire Diaries,” a never-ceasing teen creature ofthe night operating to relieve her mama and also colleagues from the crypt through which they were actually entraped throughout theCivil War Anna utilizes Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQuee n) to assist release creature ofthe nights on Mystic Falls– perhaps a negative point for human beings. But as an audience, you know why she would certainly stoop therefore reduced: she adores her mama. Melise records Anna’s interior distress perfectly, and also she is a treasured character, even with simply socializing a period of display opportunity. Not unlike Jennifer Kim, whose 4 episodes left behind an enduring influence.

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