Why Does the Mother Wear a Mask in Goodnight Mommy? Theories


Amazon Studios’ ‘Goodnight Mommy’ is an English remake of the 2014 Austrian film of the equivalent title. The plot follows twins Elias (Cameron Crovetti) and Lukas (Nicholas Crovetti) as they arrive at their mother’s home. It is obvious that they haven’t seen each other shortly, and the twins are pretty determined to reunite with their mother (Naomi Watts). However, after they lastly see her, she doesn’t seem to share their enthusiasm. She imposes a variety of tips the twins ought to observe whereas they’re beneath her roof. The most unsettling issue about her is the masks she wears, leaving solely her eyes and mouth seen. She claims that she had surgical process and at the second recuperating. As the film progresses, the masks entails characterize dread and ache for the twins. However, when the giant revelations are lastly made, it takes on a wholly new which suggests. Here is each little factor you possibly can find out about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Does the Mother Wear the Mask?

Although the film’s climactic scene reveals the actuality in its entirety, hints about it are littered all through the film’s narrative. The first scene of ‘Goodnight Mommy’ alludes to why Mother wears a masks. It’s a video clip from the happier days of the family when Father and Mother have been nonetheless collectively. As Mother begins singing a lullaby for the twins, Father begins filming. Mother notices this and claims that she appears to be historic.

In the subsequent sequence, we see Father is taking the boys to their mother’s home. Once they arrive there, they uncover their mother in considered one of many darker corners of the dwelling. Right from the begin, the boys start to find that one factor is off about their mother, and it isn’t restricted to the masks.

Mother seems to solely converse to Elias, totally ignoring Lucas, and imposes a variety of tips on the earlier. He can’t argue or shout in the dwelling, nor can he carry home one different infant. Mother tells him that the drapes ought to keep closed, and her office, mattress room, and the barn are off-limits. As Mother’s conduct begins to become erratic even cruel in the direction of Elias, the twins start to imagine there could also be an imposter beneath the masks, not their mother.

One time, Elias tries to remove Mother’s masks, believing that she is asleep, nonetheless she wakes up and grabs him. When he reveals to her that he thinks she is an imposter, she sprays him with chilly water, asserting that she is his mother. The twins try to run away nonetheless are launched once more by the police. It is then that we see Mother with out her masks. Although the twins nonetheless think about that she is lying and that the imposter has gotten beauty surgical procedure to make herself seem like their mother, they’re in the finish confirmed incorrect.

It is carefully implied that Mother is a well-liked film star whose occupation has entered the twilight stage. She was dissatisfied with how she appeared, and that led to her getting the surgical process. It is possible that considered one of many causes for it originated in her grief. The climactic scene reveals that Lukas has been ineffective all alongside. Elias killed him after firing a gun that he didn’t know was loaded. He subsequently couldn’t deal with the grief and the guilt and created a mannequin of his brother in his ideas. For totally different people, this manifested as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s not too preposterous to imagine that the surgical process, at the least partially, was Mother’s method of coping together with her grief. It gave her an illusion of a model new start.

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