Why Cristina From The Old Ways Looks So Familiar


For supporters of scary flicks, supporters possess loads to pick from on Netflix– as well as in the nick of time for the creepy period. From standards to brand new launches, streaming systems provide audiences accessibility to dozens scary headlines, as well as Netflix is among the starting points folks go when they’re in the state of mind for a bloodcurdling view.

One of the absolute most latest enhancements to Netflix’s scary brochure is actually the satanic scary flick “The Old Ways,” which to begin with premiered in 2020. It says to the tale of a media reporter called Cristina Lopez (Brigitte Kali Canales) that journeys to her birth place near Veracruz, Mexico, to investigate the regional tribe society as well as hocus-pocus. Things deviate when a team of residents abduct her as well as charge her of being actually demonically had, as well as she quickly finds out there might be actually some reality to the insurance claims.

The superstar of “The Old Ways” has actually been actually performing due to the fact that the very early 2000s, though she is actually due to the fact that begun acquiring extra parts lately. Here’s where you might possess found Brigitte Kali Canales previously.

Canales has actually functioned her technique up over times

According to IMDb, Canales’s initial job remained in a Venezuelan telenovela knowned as “Olvidarte Jamás,” where she participated in a female called Dulce in one incident. Her profession definitely started in 2010 as well as she landed parts in many quick movies, she remained in an incident of “The Glades,” as well as she showed up in the 2010 movie “Promises” as Goldigger 3.

In a meeting on the Meisterkhan Pod You Tube network, Canales explained just how she to begin with acquired associated with the acting globe. “I actually wanted to be a singer,” she detailed. “I wanted to do music, whether I sang or I played in a band, that’s kinda just what my focus was. And then I got into a high school that was this art school, and they had a musical theater department and a theater department that kind of shared classes and teachers. So as I was doing musical theater more and more, I started leaning towards more theater classes … Even though I still did the musicals and everything, I think I wanted to get grimier with the material. So when I finished high school, I continued in the theater department, and I went off and did it in college.”

She took place to describe that she began taking marketing training programs to receive a much more “realistic” level, however inevitably, she began scheduling plenty of functioning jobs that she thought no person can inform her to quit working towards her real aspiration.

She’s possessed bit parts in major ventures

Aside from the prominent Netflix scary movie that is actually presently streaming, Canales has actually shown up in many various other major ventures over times. As pointed out recently, she showed up in a 2010 incident of “The Glades,” a prominent A&E crime drama dramatization. In 2014, she landed a function in the amusing comedy “Mom” starring Anna Faris as well as Allison Janney, where she gave her commentary abilities in an incident. The list below year, she remained in one incident of the thrilling dramatization collection “Bloodline” as a female called Cristina Colon.

In 2017, Canales landed a function in the Ansel Elgort- led activity movie “Baby Driver,” which likewise included Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, as well as Eiza Gonz ález. She participated in the job of a younger mama that acquires captured at the center of an auto hunt. That exact same year, she remained in the criminal offense mystery “Thumper” as a woman called Rhonda that stays in a low-income neighborhood that is actually ravaged by a drug crisis.

Canales’ job in “The Old Ways” is her largest to date, as well as it is actually outstanding to view just how much she is actually arrived as a starlet due to the fact that she landed her initial job.

You might recognize Canales from Fear the Walking Dead

Horror supporters are actually most likely acquainted with the monstrous, impressive, action-packed collection “The Walking Dead.” For committed supporters that’ve likewise enjoyed the collection’ offshoot, you most likely identify Canales from her opportunity on “Fear the Walking Dead.” She was actually a repeating personality in Season 6 of the collection, as well as participated in an expectant female called Rachel whose hubby Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr) encounters Morgan (Lennie James), as well as leads him to their camping ground. Although Rachel passed away due to the conclusion of the period, her little one (a woman likewise called Morgan) survived on as well as was actually taken on through Morgan as well as yet another heir called Grace (Karen David).

The supervisor of “Fear the Walking Dead,” Michael Satrazemis, commended Canales for her performing in the Season 6 ending, saying to CBR, “Brigitte’s performance at the beginning — Rachel — was another feat of stamina. We shot all of her stuff in one day. And she had to stay a train wreck, crying, constantly dragging herself across the ground, walking with a limp. I thought her performance was so tight. It’s very hard to have that kind of stamina and stay that emotionally engaged.”

Canales’s skill absolutely isn’t going unseen, as well as the appreciation for her newest movie “The Old Ways” more draws out her behaving chops.