Who Were John Linley Frazier’s Victims? Is He Dead or Alive?


Authorities in Santa Cruz County, California, have actually been left frustrated when 4 participants of a flourishing home as well as a clinical assistant have actually been killed in their actual own house. Officers shown up on the scene to locate all 5 targets drifting within the pool, whereas a puzzling realize captured to a car strengthened the thriller. Investigation Discovery’s ‘A Crime to Remember: Killer Prophet’ narrates the monstrous murders as well as adheres to the examination that eventually overtook the awesome,John Linley Frazier Let’s explore the fine print bordering the criminal activity as well as find out added, allows?

Who Were John Linley Frazier’s Victims?

John Linley Frazier really did not seem a regular serial awesome. A regional of Santa Cruz County, he left of highschool in his fresher 12 months as well as researches specify that John started entering problem with the regulations from the more youthful age of 15. Later, when talking worrying the murders, John’s closed ones, specifically his mama as well as partner, discussed exactly how he was compulsive regarding the Bible as well as thought that God was asking him to eliminate abundant individuals as a means to conserve the globe from devastation. Although each his partner as well as mama attempted to differ his ideas as well as also influenced him to search solution, John was unmoved as well as thought that dedicating murder was his future.

On October 19, 1970, John armed himself with a. 38 quality revolver as well as damaged right into a Soquel, California, manor which came from famend eye doctorVictor Ohta At that second, Victor, his partner, Virginia, their 2 kids, Taggart as well as Derrick, along with Victor’s assistant, Dorothy Cadwallader, have actually been all present in the house. Since the Ohta home had not been excepting an enemy of their high-security house, Victor made use of the active ingredient of shock to assail every participant earlier than taking photos them drab. He after that got hold of the our bodies, dragged them to the sting of the pool, as well as discarded them within. Before leaving, John established fire place to your house as well as made use of Victor’s Rolls-Royce to clog the driveway. He after that captured a puzzling realize to the car’s windscreen as well as swiped a van that the Ohtas had.

Eventually, a next-door neighbor seen the fire place as well as experienced the fire place department, which immediately despatched in a labor force of firemens. However, upon entering into the house, they have actually been stunned to locate 5 drab our bodies drifting within the pool, as well as the case was promptly referred to as in as a murder. Once very first -responders got to the criminal activity scene, they recuperated the our bodies from the water as well as seen that every participant was contended the rear of the pinnacle implementation version. Moreover, whereas an post-mortem made a decision that Virginia, Dorothy, Taggart, as well as Derrick all passed away from a solitary bullet injury, Victor Ohta was fired 4 circumstances.

Is John Linley Frazier Dead or Alive?

John Linley Frazier has actually handed away as he was nevertheless put behind bars when he passed away by self-destruction on August 13, 2009. The initial examination right into the Ohta home murders was relatively tough as there have actually been no leads, eyewitnesses, or evidence to begin with. Even although authorities showed up right into the exclusive life of every victim as well as spoke with a variety of of their colleagues, no fast suspect obtained right here to ideas. Moreover, with Victor Ohta being an abundant male, the authorities also checked out a burglary angle, though it promptly brought about a drab coating. Nevertheless, besides the enemy’s puzzling realize, an extreme search of the criminal activity scene disclosed a variety of various ideas, along with a beer can used by the awesome as well as a variety of various other worldwide finger prints on the Rolls-Royce auto.

During the examination, the authorities obtained right here throughout a gaggle of Hippies who provided their very first massive innovation. The Hippies, who lived near Victor Ohta’s house, asserted they have actually been familiarized with an individual called John Linley Frazier, who was compulsive regarding the Bible as well as thought that he got on planet to end up materialism. John had actually also spoken about his disgust for men like Victor Ohta, as well as the hippies assumed that he might require one point to do with the murder. Armed with such details, the authorities asked for indigenous homeowners to keep their eyes open for John as well as quickly found that he was discovered with a. 38 quality revolver in a community woody room. Venturing right into the timbers, authorities obtained right here throughout John’s shack, though the assassin was no place to be found. Still, they conserved an in-depth watch on the shack, and also as quickly as John returned house on October 23, 1970, he was apprehended as well as billed with all 5 murders.

When used in court docket, the pick regarded John rational adequate to deal with test, as well as no matter that he begged exempt, the court had not been pleased. At the suggestion of the test, John was founded guilty on 5 matters of first-degree murder as well as was punished to death in 1971. However, California eliminated the death charge in 1972, robotically modifying his sentence to life behind bars. As John was incapable to risk-free parole, he stayed behind bars as well as was offering time on the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California, when he passed away by self-destruction inside his cell on August 13, 2009, on the age of 63.

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