Who is the Girl in Dear Edward? Why Does She Give Edward a Shrunken Head Toy? Theories


Based on Ann Napolitano’s eponymous book, Apple TELEVISION+’s dramatization series ‘Dear Edward’ complies with the life time of Edward Adler, who makes it through the plane collision that triggers the death of his father as well as mommy as well as siblingJordan Edward discovers it tiring to just approve his sibling’s awful death as he starts a new phase of his life by changing to the residence of his auntie Lacey as well as her partnerJohn Edward satisfies a girl, who provides him the shrunken head of a plaything, at a food store whereas acquiring withLacey Since she expands to expand to be a strange existence in his life, the audiences ought to be desirous to understand added regarding her. Well, right below’s what we have the ability to share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Girl on the Supermarket?

In the 2nd episode of the series, Lacey understands that she should certainly make Edward consume to avoid his a hospital stay. She takes him to a food store as well as allows him acquire something he requires to consume. While he passes the dishes gizmos, a girl experiences him as well as shares exactly how sorry she is regarding what struck his siblingJordan She quickly areas the peak of a plaything inside his hand as well as vanishes from the area. At the top of the 3rd period, she furthermore goes down a letter at Lacey as well as John’s residence forEdward Although the existing hasn’t yet exposed who the girl is, the reply is in Ann Napolitano’s eponymous supply book of the series.

The strange girl Edward satisfies on the food store is Mahira, the partner of his late siblingJordan In the unique, Mahira is the niece of the owner of the delicatessens the bros all the time mosted likely to acquire dishes, advising us of Faakhir within the series. Jordan as well as Mahira treasured an intimate nevertheless deceptive partnership. He really did not also attempt to mention the the same to Edward no matter them being amazingly closed to at the very least one another. Even when his father as well as mommy figured out to navigate to Los Angeles, Jordan continued to be positive regarding his future with Mahira despite the space in between them. Mahira also started desiring participate in a college in Los Angeles to be along with her guy.

As someone who’s grieving the absence of Jordan, Mahira is knowledgeable about the gravity of the psychological pains Edward experiences. She connects to him with the suggestion that her expressions will certainly alleviation him in a periphrastic method. “I also wanted to write in order to tell you that your name always made Jordan smile. If I were you, I would want to be told that,” composes Mahira to Edward within the unique to reduce his pains. Since they’re particular jointly by the absence of Jordan, we could also see them expanding their psychological aid to at the very least one another within the upcoming episodes of the series.

Why Does the Girl Give Edward a Shrunken Head Toy?

After setting up Edward as well as revealing her compassions to him, Mahira deals the shrunken head of a plaything to the previous. Edward as well as Shay came down to find the that suggests or importance of the the same within the 3rd episode of the series, exclusively to fall short. Since Mahira comes throughout Edward as well as inevitably contacts him to share exactly how a whole lot he indicated to his sibling Jordan, the shrunken head ought to be associated with the lateJordan She will certainly require to have actually offered the the same to Edward for him to consider his sibling as well as truly feel the last’s existence. She could also have actually specified its importance within the letter she goes down at his auntie’s residence for him.

When Edward displays the peak to Shay, she figures out that it’s just like an item showed at a galleryin Manhattan Jordan as well as Mahira could require satisfied on the area typically in order that the last’s uncle would not find out regarding her partnership with him. The plaything head could have been a keepsake for Mahira, possibly to keep in mind the intimate days she treasured together withJordan She could have recognized that Edward desires the the same more than she does because she is knowledgeable about exactly how a whole lot the 2 bros have actually been depending on each other.

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