Who is Marzia Rahmati? 14 Year-Old Afghan Girl Dies In Kabul Airport Wiki-Bio, Age, Parents, Images


Another heart-wrenching updates has actually stemmed from Kabul Airport, the household of 14 years of ages girl gotten rid of in a charge has actually discharged the astonishing photo of her covered body system. The household has actually gotten visas to begin a brand-new lifestyle in Tajikistan yet throughout they mosting likely to choose their air travel, the charge create all of them split coming from her little girl as well as it comes to be the root cause of the fatality of a 14 years of ages girl.

Who is Marzia Rahmati? 14 Year-Old Afghan Girl Dies In Kabul Airport Wiki-Bio, Age, Parents, Images

The adolescent was actually unable to challenge the charge as well as dropped her lifestyle as a result of many personal injuries she receives. At the airport, manies Afghans have actually been actually searching for air travels back Taliban powers taking control of the area.

As every the resources, 12 individuals have actually been actually gotten rid of in Hamid Karzai International Airport considering that the Taliban took management of the principal city. The cause responsible for all the fatalities that took place in the location until now is either a charge of individuals attempting to enter the airport to fly or even through gunfires in the location.

Several video clips through which individuals constantly keeping up the aircraft have actually gone popular. In many video clips, individuals are actually dropping coming from the relocating aircraft, as well as lots of video clips receive which visitors may simply listen to gunfires terminated through some individuals at the airport.

If our company refer to the girl who dropped her lifestyle in a charge at the airport throughout she leaving behind the funding along with her household as well as attempting to choose the aircraft. On the time, when Marzia as well as her household connected with the airport to choose their air travel, one more noise of shooting bring in Marzia divided coming from his household.

After that, she collapsed to the ground as well as provides her many interior personal injuries that come to be the root cause of her fatality. Rahmati’s auntie, Zakia Ahmadi who is 28 years of ages mentioned coming from the edge of the household as well as mentioned that the household is fully ruined through her fatality.

She even further mentioned that “We want people to see what is really happening here right now, a little girl is dead because the world turned away from us. My sister Fatima, Marzia’s mother, and her family wanted their daughter to continue her education, and were worried that wouldn’t be possible under the Taliban”.

Now, the updates of her fatality in fact ruined everybody as no person may anticipate this feared happening through which a 14 years of ages girl dropped her lifestyle as a result of a charge. So, keep associated with our team to recognize additional relevant information pertaining to the present happening.