Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway? Actor Elizabeth Treadway’s Age, Wealth, and Parents


Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway? Actor Elizabeth Treadway’s Age, Wealth, and Parents

The event transpired on October 1 in Columbia, Tennessee, and was gone to by the actor Jeremy Sumpter and his partner Elizabeth Treadway.

Jeremy Sumpter is an American actor who was birthed in California nevertheless matured inKentucky He is most determined for representing the lead functions in flicks representing “Peter Pan” and “Into the Storm.”

He got his start within business when he was a more youthful mannequin. Before he allowed his desire for being an actor take control of his life, he paid as a youngster mannequin and had countless positive tips for his job. After that, his family relocated to Los Angeles, which can likewise be the area Jeremy got his start within the carrying out company.

His initial performance in a movie was within the dramatization “Frailty,” and he took place to have essential parts within the flicks “Local Boys” and “Just a Dream.”

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Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway?

Elizabeth Treadway, the partner of American actor Jeremy Sumpter, appears to be in her 30s; nevertheless, no mainstream media electrical outlet has actually ever before divulged her specific start day.

Jeremy, who’s at existing 33 years obsoleted, suggested to Treadway in August by releasing a picture of the 2 of them grinning generally against a background of wood. Jeremy’s age on the moment of their interaction was 33.

In the shot the area they’re presenting off Treadway’s brand-new bling, the actor has actually composed within the textual web content, “Yup… it’s happening:” The tale was customized for the key time ideal into a live-action film for the key time with a real kid participating in the lead setting of Peter Pan.

In enhancement, in December of 2015, Sumpter specified that he and Lauren Pacheco have actually been involved to be wed. However, in October of 2016, he stated that they have actually been not involved and that they would certainly harmed off their interaction.

Wedding of Elizabeth Treadway and Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter, an actor who’s 33 years obsolete and is biggest determined for his representation due to the fact that the title personality within the film Peter Pan (2003 ), joined his future wife Elizabeth Treadway on October 1 in Columbia,Tennessee Peter Pan was introduced in 2003.

Exclusive photos from the celebration, which have actually been recorded by Amanda Trout of Dark Velvet Media and White Velvet Photography, particular the bride-to-be and bridegroom placing a posture in entryway of an open setup that’s lined with wood.

Sumpter shares the view that it was “the finest day ever,” and gives, “I got to see the love of my life with all of my close friends and family.”

Sumpter show to everyone round him the tale of the marital relationship that transpired throughout theTreadway Antrim Celebration The day that “everyone enjoyed the flowers, the decorations, the food, and the location” was furthermore the day that “I had the best day of my life.” It was superb in each technique!

The bride-to-be was clothed properly for the celebration, putting on a lace-decorated bathrobe that was bustier and included a surprising neck line. She put on an extensive shroud at one degree, and a vulnerable cape that matched her bathrobe on the various.

In the meanwhile, Sumpter was desiring great in a fundamental darkish swimwear whereas putting on a posy that enhanced the vibrant arrangement that his brand-new partner was holding.

Clammy poise layout’s Margot and Tricia Off, who’re furthermore marriage organizers and developers, claim that the pair required an outdoors marriage “a marital relationship event that invites every one of 1’s member of the family.

Jeremy Sumpter: Who Is He?

Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter is a popular actor who was birthed within the United States on February 5, 1989. His most noteworthy looks personify the title personality within the live-action particular Peter Pan from 2003, Jacob within the calamity film Into the Storm from 2014, and the reoccuring a component of J. D. McCoy within the NBC television seriesFriday Night Lights Peter Pan was introduced in movie theaters in 2003. (2008– 2010).

Jeremy Sumpter’s Initial in Life

Sumpter was the key young person of Sandy (née Johnson) and Gary Sumpter, who elevated him in Carmel- by-the-Sea, California.

He is definitely among 3 children; his double sis’s title is Jessica, and he furthermore has 2 additional brother or sisters called Travis and Jennifer.

When he was 10 months obsoleted, his family rooted out and moved to Mount Sterling, Kentucky, the city the area his mama matured.

Sumpter began his occupation as a mannequin when he was 11 years obsoleted. At that factor, he registered with the International Modeling and Talent Association and began modeling inKentucky In enhancement to this, he was granted the title of Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year, after which he authorized an agreement with Mark Robert to become his exclusive manager. After making that telephone call, Sumpter moved to Los Angeles, California along with his family and instantaneously began his carrying out occupation.

Frailty, a flick introduced in 2001, was Sumpter’s launching within the film company. In the film, he executed a younger design of Adam Mieks, who’s seen in recalls. As an outcomes of his performance, Sumpter was thought about for the Saturn Award within the course of “Best Performance by a Younger Actor.” After that, he co-starred along with Danny Glover within the Showtime movie Just a Dream, for which he was chosen for a Young Artist Award within the course of “Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series, or Special – Leading Young Actor.” He wound up successful this honor. His 2nd movie was described as Local Boys, and it was a dramatization a number of family who surfed jointly. Mark Harmon and Eric Christian Olsen starred in it.

Jeremy Sumpter’s Career

Sumpter was picked for the a component of Peter Pan in July of 2002, when he was only 13 years obsoleted. Sumpter executed an incredible bulk of his individual feats for the movie. He declares that with the objective to prepare, he would certainly observe sword stopping for as long as 5 hrs a day, in addition to involved on his acrobatics and training weights. He established a durable relationship with the starlet Rachel Hurd-Wood once they have actually been functioning jointly on an obstacle. In enhancement to his typical training, he saved himself in kind by participating in cricket and searching whereas he remained in Australia for recording. During the program of recording, Sumpter included a variety of inches to his top, which demanded making use of creative hosting with the objective to maintain Captain Hook’s leading advantage over Peter in face-to-face scenes that have actually been fired later on within the program of. The home window that he flies out of required to be long term two times, in action to manufacturer Lucy Fisher, who furthermore stated this. Despite the film’s inadequate performance on the area work environment, Sumpter was granted a Saturn Award along with a Young Artist Award for her service the photo.

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In the fall of 2004, he had a starring setting within the television series Clubhouse, participating in the a component of a more youthful young person who’s offered the possibility to work a batboy for a considerable organization baseball personnel based primarily inNew York City After only 5 episodes, CBS figured out to stop the here and now; however, all 11 episodes that have actually been generated have actually considering that been confirmed on different cable television and satellite television for computer networks. After that, he had a job within the movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, which was transmitted on the Lifetime Channel and notified the tale of a favored more youthful male whose life is hindered by an dependancy to x-rated web content product on the internet.

The teenager funny “The Sasquatch Gang,” usually commonly called “The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang,” was fired by Sumpter in Oregon throughout the summer season time of 2005. The movie had not been disclosed till November of 2006. He had a little fifty percent within the movie An American Crime, which had its initial program on Showtime in 2008 earlier than it was introduced on DVD. He had a site visitor view an episode of CSI: Miami participating in the guy of a female whose papa and mama have actually been eliminated within the episode.

He finished taking photos his parts within the funnies Soul Surfer, Death and Cremation, and the coming-of-age funnyCalvin Marshall You’re So Cupid was another family funny that he remained in.

Alongside Danielle Ryan, Sumpter worked as a co-host on the internet truth rivals existing typically called The YOBI Show.

In the film Into the Storm, which was a number of atmospheric misfortune, he executed the setting of Jacob Hodges, a more youthful cameraman who struggled with the stormchasers.

Jeremy Sumpter’s Private Life

Sumpter made the news in December 2015 that he and Lauren Pacheco have actually been involved to be wed,[8] nonetheless he made the assertion that they have actually been not involved a 12 months later on in October 2016.

The History of Jeremy Sumpter’s Age and Family

Parents Jeremy Sumpter was birthed to Sandy and Gary Sumpter on February 5, 1989 within the metropolitan area of Carmel- by-the-Sea within the state ofCalifornia In enhancement to his twin sis Jessica, he shares a brother or sister with the title Jennifer, and he furthermore has actually a sibling called Travis.

After signing up within the International Modeling and Talent Association when he was just 11 years obsoleted, Sumpter began his modeling occupation within the state ofKentucky He goes to existing 33 years obsoleted.

In enhancement to this, the Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year honor was presented upon him. Mark Robert was presented aboard as his exclusive manager after being used. After that, Sumpter obtained right here to the final thought that maybe biggest for him and his family to head to Los Angeles, California, and begin their carrying out occupations there.

Jeremy Sumpter’s Background

The Sumter family moved to Kentucky when Jeremy was 10 months obsoleted, making the state his brand-new home. He was presented up within the city of Mount Sterling, which is fabulous for its hilly surface and attractive sights. When Jeremy was younger, definitely among his much-loved problems to do was climb hills.

He invested his youth, for all intents and features, set within the breast of mama nature. Since youth, Jeremy had a natural experience for the liberal arts, and in a while, his spirit of expedition was a possession to him in his prep work for the setting of Peter Pan.

When he was just 6 years obsoleted, his papa and mama recognized their kid’s inquisitiveness within the creative arts and registered him within the “Gifted Arts” program provided by the state.”

Jeremy relocated to an all new city along with his family after having actually invested the huge bulk of his young people inMount Sterling This brand-new city calledLexington He was the youngest participant within the very pertained to program as a result of the amazing experience he had.

Jeremy Sumpter Is Having A Delightful Time With His Acting Career

Sumpter had his initial carrying out fifty percent within the film Frailty, which was introduced in 2001. He executed the younger design of Adam Mieks, who was seen in recalls. Sumpter got an election for a Saturn Award within the course of “Best Performance by a Younger Actor” because of his representation of the personality.

Then, he showed up along with Danny Glover within the movie “Just a Dream,” which was transmitted onShowtime For this setting, he was thought about for a Young Artist Award within the course of “Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series, or Special – Leading Young Actor.” The honor remained in completion not offered.

His succeeding film was a dramatization a number of family that surfs jointly labelled “Local Boys.” Mark Harmon and Eric Christian Olsen starred within the film. In July of 2002, Sumpter was picked to play Peter Pan also if he was only 13 years obsoleted on the moment.

According to manufacturer Lucy Fisher, the measurements of the home window that he flies out of required to be raised by 50 %. Sumpter was bestowed a Saturn Award and a Young Artist Award for her job within the film, also if it was a financial failing on the area work environment.

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Quick Facts About Jeremy Sumpter

Name Jeremy Sumpter
Full Name Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter
Birth Date February 5, 1989
Age 33 years
Birth Place Carmel- by-the-Sea, California, U.S.
Profession Actor
Wife Elizabeth Sumpter( m. 2022)
Father Gary Sumpter
Mother Sarah Sumpter
Siblings Three
Sisters Jennifer and Jessica
Brother Travis
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian


Who is Jeremy Sumpter’s partner Elizabeth Treadyway?

Jeremy Sumpter’s partner Elizabeth Treadyway is a steward.

Who are Jeremy Sumpter’s papa and mama?

Jeremy Sumpter’s papa and mama are mama Sarah and daddy Gary Sumpter.

How obsoleted is Jeremy Sumpter?

Jeremy Sumpter is 33 years obsoleted.

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