Who Is Jenna Phillips On Tiktok? The Puppy Girl Jenna Goes Viral On Twitter


Jenna Phillips, the inventor of TikTok, reportedly captured the eye of the general public with such a clip of her preventing somebody human-pup totally on avenue. On TikTok, the artist receives virtually $700,000. By showing to be a canine. On Tiktok, the clip obtained 1.3 million likes.

Phillips has managed to create a novel identification for herself amongst the quite a few animal feeds. That add lovable motion pictures on TikTok every day. She movies herself performing pet duties reminiscent of shaking fingers, fetching, in addition to catching tennis balls.

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Who is Jenna Phillips?

Jenna Phillips, a 21-year-old Texas-based video maker, is known for her pet mimicry. Prior to abandoning her employment and pursuing pet imitation full-time, the artist works as an optician.

The artist at all times had a really smooth spot for pups and canines and loved performing them out. She confessed in an look with media and reporters that she had been performing to be a pet. Even when she was about 8 or 9 years of age. She took an interest within the exercise whereas throwing fetch along with her pet canine. Phillips had even requested that her dad and mom take her for a stroll on a collar.

Her Tiktok account, thepuppygirljenna, has greater than 269,000 followers and 15 million likes.


Learned a brand new trick right now!!

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Jenna Phillips Fighting ‘Dog’ Viral Video

Jenna Phillips beforehand launched a video on TikTok with the outline. “Lucky I was really being kept back”. This has obtained over 50,000 responses and 17 million views.

Phillips is seen strolling down the primary sidewalk within the footage. While imitating a pet, she is dressed up all in black in addition to wears a collar. The particular person who has been gripping Phillips’ leash and posing as her grasp captured the footage.


Luck I used to be being held again 😤

♬ original sound – Jenna

A lady, who has additionally been simulating a canine, is chained as much as sure metallic grills. As the digicam follows forward. Both girls are enraged as they look at each other. They snarl and bark at each other. Displaying typical pet aggression. Phillips is instructed to “keep moving” by the one who holds her collar, and certainly the 2 transfer away.

The footage was shared on Twitter, prompting onlookers to be perplexing. The consumer, then again, found a solution to amuse themselves with amusing remarks.

Jenna Phillips additionally directed two documentaries and likewise an version of the Irish model of The View.

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