Who Is Dillon Awes From Stedfast Baptist Church? Pastor Wikipedia, Is He Getting Evicted?


Dillon Awes from Stedfast Baptist church is an extremist pastor who’s believed for selling violence in route of the LGBTQIA group.

Twitter is livid over a Christian’s declaration over the capturing of each homosexual man in America. He has been named Dillon Awes and persons are demanding his arrest and strict motion for the assertion he made.

Who Is Dillon Awes From Stedfast Baptist Church?

Dillion Awes from Stedfast Baptist church is an extremist Christian preacher who acquired himself into most necessary controversy for a transphobic remark that he made all via delight month. 

As per his assertion, each homosexual specific specific individual in America have to be lined up in route of the wall and shot mercilessly. This has launched a complete lot of storm among the many many many trans group together with the social media world. 

However, Stedfast itself is an anti-vax, racist, homophobic and transphobic church. It is actually attended by these teams of folks that uncover themselves extremists and don’t align with the LGBTQIA group. 

What Dillon talked about was in a speech that he made all via delight month. Not solely him, nonetheless everybody current there in the intervening time have an an an identical mind-set. they need the jail offense in route of each specific specific individual from the LGBT group. 

The church is accountable for creating pretty a few documentaries like AIDS: The Judgment of God and The Sodomite Deception. 

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Pastor Dillon Awes Wikipedia 

Dillon Awes has been named on account of the pastor of Stedfast Baptist church who has been part of it and serving it for a extraordinarily very very very long time now. He presently drew all people’s consideration, after he talked about that he talked about in his speech that he needed homosexual males to be shot to demise. 

However, his tutorial qualification and profession particulars have been out of the media delicate. People assume that he has indulged in spiritual preaching for lots of of his life and none of his fully completely different endeavors have been acknowledged. 

According to him, people who uncover themselves gays are worthy of demise. He revealed a sermon on June 5, which was titled ‘Why We Won’t Shut Up’. In that exact discourse, “What does God say is the answer, is the solution, for the homosexual in 2022, here in the New Testament, here in the Book of Romans”

He even didn’t sigh away from saying that Bible says to shoot anybody who’s from the LGBTQI group and if anybody disagrees, he/she is disagreeing with God.


Is Dillon Awes Evicted?

There is not any information of the pastor Dillon Awes being evicted as of now. However, the event on social media presently is insane. They are asking the involved authorities to arrest him as shortly as potential.

A Twitterati tweeted that she merely reported Christian extremists DillonAwes and Jonathan Shelley to the FBI and if anyone sees threats of violence in route of LGBTQ+ folks they need to too.

Last Modified: June 8, 2022

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