Who Is Avi Yemini? Far Rights Activist Wins The Defamation Lawsuit Against Twitter User PRGuy17


Avi Yemini to unmask the extensively adopted and nameless pro-Labor account PRGuy17 after defamation claims.  

Avi Yemini is a famend Far Right activist and an Internet persona.  He is generally acknowledged for his excessive right-wing ideology and options.

Who Is Avi Yemini? 

Avi Yemini is a Melbourne-based Far Right activist. He could possibly be a Gym proprietor and a self-confessed “Proud Ozraeli”.

The activist isn’t any new to controversies, he as rapidly as known as Islam a “barbaric ideology” and commented on Muslims, as talked about on The Brag

Yemini is in the mean time serving on account of the Chief OZ correspondent of the Rebel News. As per his LinkedIn, he’s furthermore the Managing Director of IDF Training.

Before turning into an activist, he as rapidly as served as a sniper contained in the Israel Defence Forces and is a proud Zionist.

The internet value of Avi Yemini’s channel is estimated to be spherical $408,640, as talked about on the Star Stats web site on-line. 

Avi Yemini Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against PRGuy17

Activist Avi Yemini has gained the case in opposition to the nameless PRGuy17, as per the Daily Mail

The current information suggests {{{that a}}} resolve has ordered Twitter to supply PRGuy17’s private data, which has been blamed for deliberate defamation.

Twitter is perhaps given the 14 days ultimatum at hand over the small print to Yemini. He has requested the true title and electronic mail used all via registration.

As per the sources, @PRGuy17 Twitter was put together in March 2020, all via the peak of the pandemic. It used the Simpsons Troy McClure as its profile.

The account had been posting excessive content material materials supplies supporting the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews. It tried to get pro-labor messages trending on the positioning. 

The account had amassed a whole of 77,000 followers yielding followers each day. However, it has been blocked after defamatory claims have been made in opposition to the account. Now, Yemini is raring to disclose the face behind the controversial account. 

Avi Yemini Was Charged With Assaulting His Ex-Wife

Right activist Avi Yemini’s former companion had detailed that she face traumas ensuing from his assault. The information was a limiteless state of affairs contained in the 12 months 2019.

His ex-wife, Sarah Lyford had talked about that Yemini had thrown a chopping board at her. She says the incident made a long-lasting impact on her.

According to the Herald Sun, the activist had furthermore despatched particular texts the place he known as Ms. Lyford a “P. O. S” and a “c***”.

The bodily and psychological assault had taken place between July 2017 to November 2018. 

Following the incident, Avi was charged with illegal assault and harassment on three events. He was blamed for breaching private order as correctly. 




Who Is Avi Yemini? Far Rights Activist Wins The Defamation Lawsuit Against Twitter User PRGuy17.For More Article Visit Techtwiddle

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