Who gained Jeopardy! tonight? March 14, 2023, Tuesday


Stephen Webb gotten once again to play his 6th entertainment in Danger! Season 39 on Tuesday, Walk 14, 2023.

According to the here and now’s setup, the individual who controls a suit will certainly obtain once again to the following episode to play against the brand-new opponents. The authority recap of the partnered entertainment existing peruses:


“A returning boss and two challengers test their bell abilities and their insight in many scholar and well known classes.”

On the current episode, returning prime pooch Stephen, who had actually proactively controlled 5 consecutive suits as well as obtained $139,281, went one-on-one against 2 brand-new oppositions: Long Nguyen (a resigned designer from Las Vegas, Nevada) as well as Jessica Ashooh (an approach principal from San Francisco, California).

Stephen Webb verified up on the here and now within the episode that transmitted on February 15 as well as saved money on controling suits till the episode on February 17. The existing after that, during that time, transmitted the Secondary School Get- with each other Competition for half a month before Stephen gotten once again to the sporting activity existing for his 4th entertainment on Walk 10, 2023.

In the current episode, Stephen done especially properly all using the sporting activity till the top.

In the concept round, the categories consisted of “11-Letter Words, The Title television Character’s Buddies, In The Treat Container, Here’s Your Report Card, “B” In Geology, A Joy To Have In Class.”

Stephen had an uncommon beginning within the existing entertainment. He shared 14 correct feedbacks, along with a Genuine Day to dayTwofold For these unenlightened, Genuine Everyday Twofold approaches wagering your whole amount as well as effective it once again. While Stephen was doing wonderful, brand-new players Long Nguyen as well as Jessica Ashooh weren’t a drawn-out approaches behind him. Long provided 10 correct feedbacks, whereas Jessica provided 6.

The ratings of the players within the major round had actually been Stephen at $9,600, Long at $6,000, as well as Jessica at $3,400.

In the 2nd spherical of the sporting activity existing, the programs had actually been “Abstract London, Ruler Of The Dings, Illnesses, Mixed U.S. History, Banking and Money, Contronyms.”

The Everyday Pairs really did not operate in that mindset of Long as well as Jessica within the Twofold Peril round. Each saw as an Everyday Twofold, wager every point, as well as unfortunately, their different feedbacks wound up being misinterpreted. Their ratings went right to $0, however they made a genuine initiative to navigate once again. Jessica really figured out the means to obtain $6,000 within the succeeding round, whereas Long had an incredibly frustrating time as well as end up with just $400. Stephen, after that once again, had a great run as well as racked up $18,000 in cycle 2.

The Last Danger round was really interesting as Stephen neglected to provide the very best feedback, whereas each Long as well as Jessica had the option to exactly respond. In any type of situation, despite their correct feedbacks, Stephen really held an informing lead, as well as the brand-new players could not conquer him.

Facilitated by Ken Jennings, the Walk 14 episode’s last questions was under the category of “Nations of the World.””Part of the biggest adjacent land world throughout the 1200s as well as 1300s, currently it’s the globe’s second-biggest landlocked country.”

Long as well as Jessica provided the very best feedback, whereas Stephen initially made up the very best organization, however later on renovated it to “Kazakstan.”

Investigate the ultimate results of the Walk 14 episode:

Stephen Webb: $18,000– $2,000 = $16,000 (What is Mongolia Kazakstan) (6-day full blast: $155,281)

Jessica Ashooh: $6,000 + $5,000 = $11,000 (What is Mongolia?)

Long Nguyen: $400 + $400 = $800 (What is Mongolia?)

With the existing success, Stephen was the six-day champ. He has actually similarly proceeded to the Competition of Champions 2023.

The complying with episode will certainly broadcast on Wednesday, Walk 15, 2023.

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