Where Was Tears of the Sun Filmed?


‘Tears of the Sun’ is actually a mental however adrenaline-filled activity mystery that makes sure to leave behind one blown away along with its own effective imitation of battle as well as suffering. Helmed through supervisor Antoine Fuqua of ‘Southpaw‘ fame, the movie focuses on a team of US Navy Seals who undertake a rescue mission in the heart of Nigeria during a military coup. The rescue target, Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks, refuses to leave without her patients and thus begins a thrilling journey through breathtaking landscapes amidst the backdrop of a terrifying civil war. With the spectacular surroundings embossed in the viewers’ thoughts, one could question where the flick was recorded. Well, our experts happen carrying solutions!

Tears of the Sun Filming Locations

Principal digital photography for the movie began in February 2002, as well as through October, the recording staff possessed the shoot finished up. Although the movie’s story is actually located in Nigeria, a lot of of the flick was fired in the charming condition of Hawaii, along with some components accomplishing recording in Los Angeles,California Let’s take a better take a look at the several recording places, shall our experts?

O’ahu, Hawaii

A component of the Hawaiian Islands, O’ahu residences the condition center, Honolulu, along with well-liked traveler locations like Waikiki Beach as well asPearl Harbor Movie staffs have actually constantly liked the isle for its own vibrant as well as impressive scenery that could be made according to recording needs. The isle of O’ahu has actually additionally participated in hold to manufacturings for motion pictures as well as TELEVISION series like ‘Lost,’ ‘Godzilla vs Kong,’ as well as ‘Midway.’

Where Was Tears of the Sun Filmed?

For ‘Tears of the Sun,’ the staff made a decision to take advantage of many interior as well as outside places that will exemplify componentsof Nigeria Filming happened at the Dole Plantation at Wahiawa as well as additionally in the north coast areaof Haleiwa The movie additionally includes the incredible Manoa Falls as well as the exceptionally gorgeousMaunawili Valley Kualoa Ranch in Ka’ a’ awa, a site produced renowned for recording a handful of versions of ‘Jurrassic Park,’ was additionally utilized as a scenery to exemplify components of the war-torn African nation. Even the metropolitan area of Honolulu participated in lot to a handful of acts, as well as the movie staff took the aid of the Hawaii Film Studio in Honolulu to movie components of the flick which called for exclusive workshop impacts or even CGI.

Kaua’ i, Hawaii

Kaua’ i is actually an isle recognized for its own organic charm, which has actually created it a best area for several flick manufacturings. The recording staff for ‘Tears of the Sun,’ grabbed the lovely isle wonderfully as chances consisted of mountainscapes coming from the energetic guard mountain, maukaKilauea The fascinating Kilauea Falls was additionally made use of as a distinctive background. According to records, the well-known sunset setting included on the flick’s banners as well as advertising component was additionally contended Kaua’ i. Other movies as well as TELEVISION series recorded in Kaua’ i consist of ‘Avatar,’ ‘ Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ as well as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.’

Los Angeles, California

According to resources, components of the flick were actually fired in Los Angeles, California, where the staff benefited of several interior as well as outside capturing places. Home to Hollywood, the metropolitan area has actually constantly been actually a much recommended recording area for its own vibrant areas, differed cultural populace, as well as conveniently on call locations. The metropolitan area has actually additionally organized development staffs coming from various other movies as well as TELEVISION series like ‘ Free Guy,’ ‘He’ s All That,’ as well as ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

USS. Harry S. Truman Aircraft Career

‘Tears of the Sun’ was the 1st flick recorded on the USS Harry S.Truman Aircraft Career Filming happened on the Nimitz Class atomic warship for many times as stars as well as movie staffs acquired unmatched accessibility to the armed forces ship. However, to make certain the hassle-free operating of factors as well as stay clear of any type of achievable situation, marine police officers as well as soldiers coming from the warship were actually constantly found on collection as well as additionally seem in the flick as bonus.