Where Was Man on a Ledge (2012) Filmed?


Directed by Asger Leth, ‘Man on a Ledge’ is an action-thriller film that rotates round an ex-cop, Nick Cassidy, that’s founded guilty after being mistakenly charged of taking a Monarch ruby. He takes advantage of his daddy’s funeral service to take off prison and also hatch a strategy to reveal his virtue. Cassidy takes on a unique recognition, goes into The Roosevelt Hotel, and also endangers to jump from the twenty very first ground. However, that is just to cause a disturbance and also take the public’s emphasis far from the strategy covertly in implementation to clear Nick’s recognize.

As the narrative unravels, the anxiety constructs, and also the customers’s hearts start battering earlier. This is really real for every scene whereby Sam Worthington stands on the ledge. The electronic cam job and also backgrounds contribute to the movie’s abrasive tone, and also we will’ t aid nonetheless contemplate just how and also the area the film was fired– was the film shot on place? Let’s uncover out!

Man on a Ledge Filming Locations

The movement flick was fired in a variety of locations throughout New York City, inNew York State Most scenes had actually been routed to stress the risks of standing at such a height. The recording started in October 2010 and also lasted for a variety of months feasible ending in very early 2011. Let’s take a take a look at the specific locations.

Manhattan, New York

Since a great deal of the scenes are evaluated The Roosevelt Hotel, the making personnel picked to film the movie on the historical hotel in Manhattan,New York Located in between Madison Avenue and also Vanderbilt Avenue at 45 East forty 5th Street in Midtown Manhattan, the “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue” offered since the recording web site for movie and also discloses comparable to ‘Pose,’ ‘1408,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ and also‘Men in Black 3’ Inaugurated in 1924, the area was open for nearly a century till it shut it required to close its entrances in 2020 after gross sales took an irrecoverable hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tale behind why the hotel was picked is rather interesting. When supervisor Asger Leth find out the tale, he recognized he required the risks to be as real as achievable. Besides this, he in addition required to fire in a place the area Nick Cassidy’s personality was bordered by high and also marvelous NYC structures whereas assuring he might see the faces of the people standing on the freeway. Thus, after on the search for a variety of places with a ledge, Asger Leth established his eyes on The Roosevelt Hotel and also was pleased it was the appropriate place.

While recording, the technological staff fulfilled a variety of difficulties. One of most likely one of the most important ones was to figure out the logistics of a moving electronic cam and also various devices. The gears required to be vibrant to confiscate the significance of each body– whether it showcases the height, the slim girth of the ledge, or the fear in Nick’s eyes. To clear up this, a space collection was built on the hotel’s roof covering.

Image Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Summit Entertainment

However, the difficulties weren’t limited to the staff. Lead star Sam Worthington found the technique requiring as a outcome of he has a fear of elevations. While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, Sam stated, “Your palms are sweaty, your legs are going, your eyes are going. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s not the height you’re scared of, it’s the fall, and what happens if you hit the deck.”

Apart from the hotel, a variety of scenes had actually been in addition shot on 6th Avenue in between forty 4th and also forty 5th Streets along with Lexington Avenue in between forty 3rd and also forty 4thStreets The built and also staff in addition checked out the superior Old Town Bar and also Restaurant to film a variety of scenes of the criminal offense thriller film. Located at 45 East 18th Street within the Flatiron District in between Park Avenue and also Broadway, it lacks question among the earliest pubs within the Big Apple and also has actually been offering the locals given that 1892.

Long Island, New York

The making personnel built a feat collection on the Gold Coast Studios, which lies at 700 Hicksville Road, Bethpage, inLong Island The production center functioned as The Roosevelt Hotel for a variety of series that worried the following diploma of threat and also therefore could not be fired on the specific hotel. The audio phase progressed has actually in addition been made use of for classy film and also television efforts. Just a few of the big manufacturings taped on the workshop are ‘Uncut Gems,’ ‘John Wick 3: Parabellum’, ‘Ocean’ s Eight,’ and also ‘The Many Saints of Newark.’

Queens, New York

The funeral scene in ‘Man on a Ledge’ prepares in the direction of the background ofLutheran All Faiths Cemetery It gives a disappointing illumination that reverberates with Nick Cassidy’s pain. Originally called the Lutheran Cemetery, the 225-acre residential or commercial property is placed at 67-29 Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village in Queens,New York City Besides ‘Man on a Ledge,’ ‘Rosemary’ s Baby’ and also ‘Abigail’ had actually been in addition contended this place.

Overall, these are a variety of major locations that offered their aesthetic appeals and also ambiance to the film’s story. Besides these, the film was in addition contended Rockefeller Center Subway Station, Old Town Bar on 18th opportunity, in between Park Avenue and also Broadway, Lexington Avenue, in between forty 4th and also forty 5th roads, and also sixty 5th lane in Queens.

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