Where is Wayne Amey’s Ex-Partner Robyn Lindholm Now?


Robyn Lindholm’s ominous past times came forward after her companion’s loss in 2013. As the authorizations took much deeper, they discovered that she was actually included along with the fatality of none yet pair of folks she was actually finding at various factors throughout her lifestyle. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Clean Hands, Dirty Deeds’ components Robyn’s tale as the next of 3 situations analyzed on the series. So, allow’s learn even more regarding her at that point, shall our experts?

Who is Robyn Lindholm?

In December 2013, Wayne Amey, a 54-year-old male coming from Hawthorn, Australia, went overlooking. His physical body was actually discovered greater than a full week eventually in Victoria, Australia, in between pair of stones. Wayne, an individual fitness instructor, had actually been actually savagely defeated, wounded 4 opportunities, as well as suffocated to fatality. He was actually very first dealt with while in his garage, at that point invested a vehicle as well as ditched where he was actually at some point discovered. The authorizations discovered that 2 guys was in charge of the massacre: Torsten Trabert as well asJohn Ryan But there was actually even more to the story than what originally showed up.

Where is Wayne Amey’s Ex-Partner Robyn Lindholm Now?

Wayne utilized to become in a partnership along with Robyn Lindholm, that was actually 40 years of ages at the moment of the occurrence. She utilized to operate as a lap dancer. After the 2 separated, Wayne had actually organized to take fifty percent of Robyn’s country building. As every the series, the 2 of all of them acquired it all together. So, Robyn possessed the 2 guys get rid ofWayne She had actually been actually finding Torsten at the moment as well as eventually presented him toJohn Surveillance video connected all of them to the massacre, as well as each of all of them eventually discussed it to others, leading the authorities to all of them.

In 2015, Robyn begged bad to Wayne’s massacre. After this, the authorities started thinking her engagement in the massacre of an additional ex-boyfriend: George Teazis, eventually calledGeorge Templeton He utilized to become involved along with groups as well as had actually remained in penitentiary on medicine costs. By May 2005, George was actually discharged coming from prison. On the 2nd of the very same month, he had actually been actually consuming intensely along with Robyn as well as a good friend of hers. At around twelve o’clock at night, Robyn entrusted the buddy yet returned eventually to locate the main door available as well as George no place to become discovered.

Robyn had actually presently begun to find Wayne around the amount of time George resided in penitentiary. The authorizations thought that she intended to do away with George to become along withWayne The prosecutor eventually asserted that she obtained the assistance of Wayne, as well as he as well as an additional male killed George while Robyn was actually out along with her buddy. There were actually indications of blood stream discovered inside your house, yet George’s physical body was actually never ever recuperated. Then, various other witnesses mentioned that Robyn admitted to the massacre to numerous folks over the following handful of years.

Where is Robyn Lindholm Now?

For her component in Wayne’s massacre, Robyn was actually punished to 25 years behind bars. Both Torsten as well as John additionally acquired lengthy paragraphes for the massacre. They criticized one another for the murder. Later, Robyn stood up hearing for George’s massacre when authorizations resumed the inspection right into the suit. She refused possessing just about anything to perform along with it. Her protection called into question the numerous witness declarations concerning her admission to George’s massacre.

In 2019, Robyn was actually condemned after a previous hearing finished along with the court being actually discharged without getting to a judgment. In November 2019, she was actually punished to 28 years behind bars to become offered simultaneously along with her various other paragraph. The court claimed to her, “You were enjoying the high life at the expense of your former de facto’s life.” She seems to be to become offering her paragraph out at a reformatory inAustralia Robyn will definitely concern 71 years of ages when she acquires parole qualifications.