Where Is Robert Terry Ellison Now?


The examination found that Edwardyne Williams had actually invested the evening time earlier than she went doing not have with a chum,Wayne Black They had actually mosted likely to an online efficiency in South Carolina, in maintaining with the here and now, and also Edwardyne referred to as him at concerning 1 AM on November 27, 2011, to thank him for taking her out. Her family was considerably included as an outcome of Michael&& rsquor; s passing away wedding anniversary was coming close to.

They after that questioned Terry, that had nowadays relocated home in addition to his mommy to aid manage Michael&& rsquor; s passing away. He declared on the moment that Edwardyne had actually simply recently returned from a journey and also had actually notified him she was pursuing a brief time earlier than going away. “I didn’t think anything of it,” Terry included.

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My uncle comes over on the 4th or 5th day and also claims, ‘Maybe we should always see the place she’s at.’” The authorities began examining him as an outcome of he was the last certain individual to see Edwardyne to life.

Terry had a challenging training and also was mad in the direction of his mommy throughout his life, in maintaining with evidence and also testament. Aside from being out and also in of the house, Ann included that when he was younger, he gradually consumed alcohol and also took medicine. Terry condemned every one of his difficulties on Edwardyne, implicating her of emotional misuse and also calling her names.

When Edwardyne&& rsquor; s bro Robert obtained right here by to validate on his sibling, Terry declared she left after they clashed. Terry, in maintaining with Robert, really did not appear troubled.

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The authorities promptly spoke with Edwardyne&& rsquor; s college consultant as appropriately. She was involved on her understanding&& rsquor; s diploma on the moment. He well-informed the polices that she was scared concerning Terry returning.

He declared that she hesitated he would certainly harm her. Then, Terry&& rsquor; s previously associate, Tara Canady, well-informed cops that he gradually choked her throughout disagreements. Terry had actually ahead of time intimidated Edwardyne, in maintaining with Tara&& rsquor; s mommy.Finally,Tabatha claimed that in a disagreement in 2006, he curved their mommy&& rsquor; s finger in reverse.

Where Is Robert Terry Ellison Now?

While there was no natural evidence connecting Terry to the criminal activity, when the detectives looked the home, they discovered Edwardyne&& rsquor; s vehicle tricks. They thought Terry eliminated his mommy in a craze, disposed her figure, after which parked the vehicle on the facet of the freeway to thwart the query.

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Despite asserting Robert Terry Ellison&& rsquor; s virtue, Terry was founded guilty of first-degree murder in November 2015 and also punished to life behind bars with out the chance of launch. According to prison information, he’s however imprisoned at Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

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