Where is Robert Bardo Now?


ABC’s ’20/20: Your Biggest Fan’ is an incident that discovers the traumatic massacre of starlet as well as style Rebecca Schaeffer, alongside its own results. On July 18, 1989, the 21-year-old was actually fired in the breast as well as eliminated after she opened up the main door of her Los Angeles, California, residence, just to discover a consumed follower calculated to destroy her. He took off not long after shooting yet was actually recognized as Robert John Bardo as well as apprehended in his indigenous Tucson, Arizona, the quite upcoming time. So, listed below’s what we understand regarding him.

Who is Robert John Bardo?

Born on January 2, 1970, as the youngest of 7 little ones at the Edwards Air Force Base in California, Robert John Bardo possessed an exceptionally stressed youth. Not just carried out the loved ones walk around frequently prior to calming down in Tucson in 1983, yet he was actually purportedly additionally a prey of bodily as well as sexual harassment through among his brother or sisters. Moreover, he was actually positioned in foster care for a concise while after he intimidated self-destruction as well as additionally composed a handful of thorough characters to his instructors explaining his harmful instincts.

Where is Robert Bardo Now?

Robert was actually ultimately accepted in to a psychological health care health center, where he undertook a set of analyses. He was actually deemed “severely emotionally handicapped” along with a “pathological and dysfunctional” loved ones. Despite being actually a straight-A trainee, he after that chose to leave of the Pueblo Magnet High School as well as was actually identified along withbipolar disorder Apart coming from his psychological illness, Robert had actually additionally apparently presented his tracking inclinations coming from a youthful grow older.

At the grow older of thirteen, he had actually taken a $140 coming from his mama’s handbag to journey to Maine as well as ideally face starlet as well as youngster tranquility protestorSamantha Smith She, however, perished in an August 1985 aircraft collision, observing which Robert ended up being consumed along withRebecca Schaeffer He was actually 16 at that time as well as composed a number of characters to the starlet, among which she addressed. From exploring ready to tapping the services of a private detective for $250 if you want to achieve her residence handle, he performed it all. Robert also approached his bro, that unwittingly aided him obtain a weapon prior to fulfilling the girl he wished for.

Where is Robert John Bardo Now?

Although Robert John Bardo had actually been actually tracking the younger starlet for over 3 years, nobody hypothesized that he will drop the black roadway up until it took place in July 1989. He will for a while changed his passions to some stand out performers, however he consistently came back toRebecca Ultimately, he discovered her, fulfilled her, as well as eliminated her to finish his “mission.” Then, he returned to Arizona as well as went through a highway. He was actually yelling, “I killed Rebecca Schaeffer,” when he was actually apprehended the upcoming time as well as showed up “at best disheveled and at worst drunk or stoned,” when apprehended.

During Robert’s jury system test, it emerged that he was actually affected through Arthur Jackson (a follower that had actually sought to get rid of Theresa Saldana in 1982) as well as U2’s track “Exit” (regarding the thoughts of a vicious bad guy) to massacreRebecca While the defence carried out certainly not rebuff that Robert lagged the getting rid of, they made an effort to participate in the craziness memory card. However, the district attorneys suggested that although he was actually fanatical as well as possessed a background of mental disorder, he was actually lawfully rational. In October 1991, Robert was actually founded guilty of first-degree massacre as well as penalized to lifestyle behind bars without the opportunity of parole. Therefore, today, at the grow older of 51, he is jailed at Avenal State Prison (ASP) in Kings County, California.