Where is Rebecca Schaeffer’s Fianc é, Brad Silberling, Now?


ABC’s ’20/20: Your Biggest Fan’ is an incident that profile pages the murder of Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer, a then-rising celebrity in the show business regardless of being actually only 21-years-old. The youthful starlet and also design was actually fired to fatality on July 18, 1989, through Robert John Bardo after being actually the female of his fixation for 3 years. It took a time to bill and also nail him, however he had not been pronounced guilty of first-degree homicide up until October 1991. At that opportunity, Rebecca was actually courting Brad Silberling, that shows up throughout the incident. So, allow’s figure out even more regarding him, shall our experts?

Who is Brad Silberling?

Born on September 8, 1963, in Washington DC to Joyce Anne (née Tucker) and also Robert Murray Silberling, Bradley Silberling is a knowledgeable producer that has actually constantly been actually honest regarding his past times along withRebecca Schaeffer They had actually come across while he was actually analyzing administering at the UCLA Film School in 1987 on a blocked date and also merely came under each other’s lifestyles. “It got very serious,” he informed ABC News for ’20/20.’ “To the point where it scared the hell out of us. I was 23. She was 19. She didn’t perceive herself as a celebrity. She didn’t live that way.” Thus, they were actually an excellent match.

Where is Rebecca Schaeffer’s Fianc é, Brad Silberling, Now?

As every The Guardian, Brad and also Rebecca had actually split techniques after time with each other, just to rejoin 8 full weeks just before her inopportune passing away. Minutes before the capturing, both had actually spoken available, and also he had actually desired his companion chance for her ‘The Godfather Part III’ tryout later on in the time. After that, he obtained the surprising headlines and also created his means to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center That exact same time, Brad additionally discovered a nurturing notification she had actually left behind on his equipment, which ended up being the final opportunity he ever before heard her vocal.

Where is Brad Silberling Now?

Following Rebecca Schaeffer’s death, Brad Silberling relocated right into her outdated bed room at her moms and dads’ home in Oregon and also invested a handful of full weeks building along with all of them and also maintaining his companion’s minds to life. Inspired through his very own take ins, he composed and also sent ‘Moonlight Mile,’ a 2002 movie regarding the complicated web link in between the man of a killed female and also her moms and dads. In truth, free throw line, “Of course, I’d like you to remain celibate for the rest of your life, but we can negotiate that,” is one thing Rebecca’s mommy actually pointed out to him, however the remainder is fictitious. The emotional states are actually genuine, nothing at all else.

Apart coming from pranks and also mockery, when Brad carried out pick to begin dating once again pair of years later on, his overdue companion’s moms and dads were actually exceptionally encouraging. They also joined his wedding ceremony to starlet Amy Brenneman, whom he will fulfilled on the collection of ‘NYPD Blue,’ in 1995 and also remain to sustain his lifestyle and also profession choices. Today, at the grow older of 57, Brad is still a producer and also merrily gotten married to, however, he is actually additionally a daddy of pair of (Charlotte and also Bodhi) and also a developer.

Through the years, he has actually pointed ‘Casper’ (1995 ), ‘City of Angels’ (1998 ), ‘Lemony Snicket’ s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ (2004 ), ‘Land of the Lost’ (2009 ), and also a number of incidents of ‘Dash & Lily’ (2020 ), among far more. However, the reduction of Rebecca is one thing that actually carried out effect him.“After a sudden, violent loss, you feel a tremendous need to do something,” Brad said “Not only to keep your sanity but also out of an almost subconscious sense that if you just do everything right, somehow the person you’ve lost is going to walk back in the door.”