Where is Paula Henry Now?


In September 1995, Robert Henry, a 33-year-old exec, was actually fired to fatality in the parking area at his office. But in the years that observed, the authorizations discovered it hard to resolve the situation. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Killer Beside Me: Deadly Business’ places the limelight on the slow-moving yet certain progression that the authorities created within this situation. Paula Henry, Robert’s other half, was actually primary among those that continued operating in the direction of recording the great. So, if you’re interested concerning where she may be currently, below’s what we understand!

Who is Paula Henry?

Paula and also Robert Henry were actually senior high school sweeties that also visited the exact same university. They acquired wed straight after they got a degree. The nurturing married couple stayed in Tacoma, Washington, where Robert benefited a public utility, and also Paula was actually hired along with the area ofTacoma But when a covered up guy instantly eliminated Robert on September 11, 1995, Paula recognized that was actually accountable. She threw away no time at all mosting likely to the authorities using this relevant information.

Where is Paula Henry Now?

Paula’s uncertainties relating to Robert’s past organization companion, Larry Shandola, will ultimately become a reality. But the proof connecting him to the massacre had not been therefore quick and easy to follow through. The massacre tool had not been discovered till a handful of years later on, and also till that was actually connected to Larry, the arrest had not been created. In the meanwhile, Paula remained in continual contact along with the investigatives operating the situation and also installed advertising boards around the area delivering a perks for any kind of relevant information in case.

Paula additionally indicted Larry of harassing her. He additionally operated at the exact same area and also was actually indicted of performing traits like resting all over coming from her in the lunchroom and also looking at her in the corridors. She mentioned that Larry stalked her too. But the effort in case repaid when the shotgun utilized to get rid of Robert was actually discovered in 1998 and also was actually after that attached to Larry, delivering the inspiration for an apprehension. Despite his insurance claims of virtue, Larry was actually pronounced guilty of killing Robert and also, in September 2001, was actually penalized to 31 and also an one-half years responsible for clubs.

Where is Paula Henry Now?

After investing concerning a many years behind bars, Larry sued Paula after she obstructed him coming from being actually moved coming from Washington to a penitentiary inCanada When Paula was actually performed along with the legal action, she was actually shocked. Her legal professional mentioned, “She couldn’t stand the thought that he might know where she lives – that he might be able to find her, or that his friends on the outside might be able to find her.”

Later, Paula aided pass a condition law that will need a court to evaluate any kind of satisfy submitted through a pronounce guilty versus their preys. She was actually additionally dealing with assisting pass an identical regulation at a government amount. Over the years, Paula has actually been actually making an effort to carry on along with her lifestyle. Sometime in 2008, she left her task along with Tacoma Rail to function as an elderly exec for a personal railway business. From what our experts can easily inform, Paula still stays in the condition of Washington.