Where is Mike Williams’ Wife Denise Williams Now?


A relatively harmless duck-hunting journey ended up disastrous for 31-year-old Mike Williams back in December 2000. An significant hunt that lasted months failed to lead the authorizations to Mike or even his continueses to be. But that transformed greater than 17 years eventually when an ideal tornado of occasions triggered a sensational admission coming from some of Mike’s bestfriends,Brian Winchester That admission contributed in sentencing Mike’s wife during the time, Denise Williams, of being actually entailed along with Mike’s fatality. A&E’s ‘Cold Case Files: The Voice in the Lake’ studies this top-level situation that covered many years. So, permit’s discover even more regarding what took place to Denise as well as where she could be, shall our company?

Who is Denise Williams?

Denise as well as Mike Williams were actually secondary school sweeties that wed in 1994 as well as worked out in Tallahassee,Florida They were actually pretty gather one more married couple that wed away from secondary school, Brian as well asKathy Winchester Their resides exemplified one another, getting married to as well as possessing a kid at around the very same opportunity. On December 16, 2000, Mike walked out on a duck-hunting journey at a pond in Jackson County,Florida But he certainly never got home. His watercraft as well as cars and truck were actually discovered left. His coat as well as seeking certificate was actually discovered in the pond, as well as for the lengthiest opportunity, the authorizations presumed that alligators consumed him.

Where is Mike Williams’ Wife Denise Williams Now?
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Denise, the mourning dowager, at some point profited a substantial life insurance policy plan in Mike’s label. By 2005, she wed Brian, that already had actually separatedKathy But in 2016, Denise declare breakup triggered an establishment of occasions that triggered Brian distinguishing the cops a somewhat spectacular tale of what took place toMike In 2017, Brian was actually sentenced of kidnapping Denise as well as having her at gunpoint. He was actually penalized to twenty years for that. But he likewise figured out the cops that he was actually the one that killed Mike in 2000 and also Denise considered it along with him. In swap for resistance, he accepted to make evident versus her.

At Denise’s test in 2018, Brian was actually the celebrity witness. He witnessed that his affair along with Denise began in 1997. But after a couple of years, they possessed conversations regarding their companions’ fatalities. That intensified to all of them hatching out a setup to eliminateMike According to Brian, Denise performed certainly not intend to receive a separation as a result of just how it would certainly seek to the outdoors as well as likewise failed to intend to discuss protection of their little one. So, they hatched out a program where Brian would certainly eliminateMike On December 16, he took Mike on the watercraft right into the pond as well as drove him too far, wishing that he would certainly sink. When that failed to occur, Brian took a shotgun as well as chance Mike in the skin.

Then, Brian mentioned that he got a tarpaulin, a trowel, as well as some body weights at a local area Walmart as well as stashed him in a distant place. He eventually led the cops to the physical body. The prosecutor coated Denise as the cold-blooded accomplice, explaining that she failed to also quail when Brian in-depth just how he eliminated her then-husband. “She sat here stone-faced. Didn’t bat an eye. Didn’t shed a tear,” the district attorney pointed out. There was actually additional documentation offered of Denise declare an insurance coverage case 19 times after Mike faded away, despite the fact that the look for him proceeded for months.

Denise’s legal professional affirmed that Brian cooked up the entire account. He examined the reliability of his declarations through claiming Brian merely admitted after being actually supplied complete resistance. Furthermore, there was actually no bodily documentation that connected Denise to the massacre. The top-level attribute likewise impacted the lawsuit, depending on to Denise’s legal professional, that said, “I firmly believe (Denise Williams) was tried in the court of public opinion and that spilled over in everything involved with the defense from the beginning.”

Where is Denise Williams Now?

In December 2018, a jury system discovered 48-year-old Denise responsible of first-degree massacre, conspiracy theory to dedicate massacre, as well as add-on after the reality. She was actually penalized to lifestyle behind bars. In November 2020, the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee overturned Denise’s massacre judgment of conviction, mentioning that the prosecutor failed to give adequate documentation to warrant the massacre cost. But, the conspiracy theory judgment of conviction was actually maintained, indicating that Denise still must provide a 30-year paragraph.

In June 2021, the Florida Supreme Court declined to evaluate the rescinded judgment of conviction. Mike’s mom, Cheryl, pointed out previously, “I’ll be happy with 30 years for conspiracy if she can’t get out … I do not want her out. God has a plan, but I still don’t know what that plan is.” As every jail reports, Denise continues to be put behind bars at the Florida Women’s Reception Center in Ocala, Marion County.