Where is Magen Fieramusca Now?


NBC’s ‘Dateline: Abducted’ is an incident that accounts the December 2019 loss as well as collapse of Heidi Elizabeth Broussard, which triggered a hunt, the outcomes of which left behind every person puzzled. After all, her two-week-old newborn, Margo Carey, had actually likewise faded away alongside her, merely to become bounced back coming from the residence of among Heidi’s bestfriends,Magen Rose Fieramusca In the boot of her vehicle, positioned outside her Houston- region house, Heidi’s physical body was actually likewise located. Thus, naturally, she was actually arraigned for being actually the attacker. And right now, if you’re interested to understand extra, our company’ve acquired you dealt with.

Who is Magen Fieramusca?

Magen Rose Fieramusca as well as Heidi Broussard fulfilled at a congregation camping ground when they were actually 11-years-old, where they quickly developed a connection as well as certainly never release. From experiencing partnerships as well as bumpy rides as adolescents to beginning a loved ones as well as taking into consideration job improvements in their 20s as well as very early 30s, they consistently backed one another. In simple fact, Magen resided in the hospital room along with Heidi as well as her companion when they accepted their kids both opportunities, very most lately on November 26, 2019 (for Margo). Magen had actually steered to Austin although she claimed she was actually 37 full weeks expecting herself.

Where is Magen Fieramusca Now?< figcaption i.d. ="caption-attachment-434156" course=" wp-caption-text">Image Credit: KVUE

Both Magen and Heidi had announced their pregnancies around the same time that year and had excitedly spoken about possibly giving birth on the same day. Despite the fact that Magen and her partner, Christoper Green, had broken up in March 2019, they continued to live together at the 8100 block of Bo Jack Drive in Houston for their future kid. He believed he was going to be a father since he noticed Magen’s belly growing over time. However, Christoper never saw it bare as they were no longer romantically involved and described it as “hard” once officials asked him about it.

Moreover, as per Heidi’s fiancé, Shane Carey, following Margo’s birth, she had intervened when the paternal grandfather was given the baby to hold by saying that she wanted to be first as she had to leave soon. Then, Shane had handed Magen a set of keys to the residence he shared with Heidi so that she could stay the night and relax before heading home, but he never got them back. According to surveillance cameras at this apartment complex, on December 12, 2019, Magen’s light gray Nissan Versa was allegedly in the area, which was corroborated by her cell phone pings.

As if all this wasn’t enough, a witness saw a woman leaving with a baby wearing a knit cap in her arms that same morning. Furthermore, Magen’s online footprint also implicates her. That evening, after 10:30 p.m., she’d looked up “reasons for Amber Alert” and “Amber Alert issued Austin.” Then, two days later, she’d searched “bodies found in Austin Texas” before deleting her Facebook account for good on December 17, 2019. The worst of them all was the fact that Magen had looked up Heidi’s name online about 162 times in a month, making it seem like she was obsessed with her friend.

Where is Magen Fieramusca Now?

Magen Rose Fieramusa has been charged with two counts of third-degree kidnapping (for Heidi and Margo), one count of tampering with a body, and one count of capital murder in connection to Heidi Broussard’s homicide and her daughter’s abduction. It has been alleged that Magen fabricated her maternity to swipe Heidi’s newborn as well as pass it off as her personal. As every records, Heidi had actually informed Shane that Magen addressed a woman on December 8 or even 9, however, in a meeting along with the authorities, Magen specified it took place on the 12th.

Therefore, today, Magen Rose Fieramusa is sent to prison at the Travis County Correctional Complex on a $1.6 thousand connection. Her hearing as well as courtroom procedures were actually delayed in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as various other lawful concerns, yet it appears like the method has actually reactivated.