Where Is Lisa McVey Now?


A&E’ ‘I Survived a Serial Killer: Tampa Terror’ records the peculiar but horrifying experience teen Lisa McVey needed to go with when abducted in 1984. Lisa’s liked ones were actually laden along with fear, and also the authorities performed whatever in their electrical power to find the overlooking lady. However, in an amazing turn of undertakings, Lisa McVey returned on her personal, having actually made it through the links of a sequential fantastic. She declared that she had actually utilized reverse psychological science and also produced her kidnapper prepared her cost-free. If this instance intimacies you and also you would like to know where Lisa is today, our team have you dealt with.

Who Is Lisa McVey?

Lisa McVey possessed a distressed youth. According to reports, her mama was actually an alcoholic and also a drug abuser and also therefore can certainly not care forLisa Lisa relocated between foster properties up until her mama compelled her to stick with her grandma when she was actually 14. Although she located a long-term roofing system over her scalp, her agony was actually much coming from over.

Where Is Lisa McVey Now?Sources state that while living with her grandmother, Lisa was constantly sexually molested by her grandmother’s boyfriend, who lived with them. Lisa even mentioned that the man would also threaten her with a gun. Unable to take the terrifying experience at such a young age, Lisa even contemplated suicide and was about to die by suicide on the day she was kidnapped.

On November 3, 1984, Lisa, then 17, was cycling back home at 2 am from the donut shop she worked at. She was traveling down a dark road when someone grabbed her and yanked her off the bike. She was then abducted at gunpoint, tied up, and put inside a car. While tied up, Lisa even noticed a few details about the kidnapper’s car, which she revealed to the police later.

Lisa was also forced to perform oral sex on her abductor before being taken to his apartment. Surprisingly, even in her terrified and blindfolded state, Lisa remembered every single detail about his apartment, starting from how long it took to get there to the number of steps required to go from the front door to the room she was kept in. While in the apartment, Lisa was mercilessly abused, assaulted, and raped numerous times. However, through their interaction, Lisa understood that the kidnapper did not want to kill her.

She tried to get on his good side and even told him that she had a sick father who depended on her. Moreover, when Lisa learned that her kidnapper had gone through a recent bad breakup, she even told him that she would not mind becoming his girlfriend. At one point, she said that the kidnapper put her hands on his face, which let her feel his features to describe to the police later. Although the kidnapper raped Lisa multiple times and even abused her physically, it seemed like her plan worked as her kidnapper had a sudden change of heart and blindfolded her before leaving her on the side of a road. Lisa McVey was finally free.

Where Is Lisa McVey Now?

Once Lisa returned from her ordeal, her family did not believe her. Her grandmother’s boyfriend psychically abused her until the police decided to step in. Her story was so unbelievable that even the police could not bring themselves to believe it initially. However, she soon met Sergeant Larry Pinkerton, who believed her and even helped her overcome her domestic violence situation by arresting her grandmother’s boyfriend. Lisa was put in a home for teens from where she helped the police identify her abductor. Eight women had gone missing and were murdered from that area previously, and authorities believed that Lisa’s abductor was behind the disappearances.

Image Credit: True Crime Daily/ YouTube

The authorities uncovered the snatcher with their examination and also located that his title was actuallyRobert Joseph Long Lisa also assisted the authorities along with the summary of her kidnapper’s automobile, which assisted shorten the hunt. Ultimately, Joseph was actually jailed, and also the authorizations had the capacity to match all 8 homicides to him. He begged responsible to various fees and also was actually carried out in 2019. Lisa McVey took care of to beat her horrifying past times and also took place to live along with her uncle and also auntie.

Two years after her kidnapping, Lisa wed a law enforcement agent and also also possessed a little girl along with him. However, the marital relationship obviously put an end to after 5 years and also left behind an extensive influence on her thoughts. Still, she never ever quit and also operated a handful of piece of work prior to placing herself with the authorities school in 2004. Determined to accomplish excellent as a police, she is currently functioning as a law enforcement agent in Hillsborough County.

At found, Lisa formally utilizes her wedded title, Lisa McVey Noland, and also is likewise a granny. She never ever avoids referring to her adventure and also has actually seemed on various TELEVISION series and also films. In 2019, when Joseph was actually carried out, Lisa existed and also exposed that she needed to eliminate her kidnapper to release her thoughts. Lisa’s lifestyle is a motivation to all, and also our team want her all the joy in the times ahead.