Where is Jennifer’s Daughter Noura Jackson Now?


In ABC News’ ‘20/20: Deadly Daughter,’ the customers research worrying the stunning situation of Jennifer Jackson’s murder as well as the means her daughter, Noura Jackson, was originally founded guilty mainly based upon circumstantial evidence. In June 2005, Jennifer was found extremely stabbed to death, with the authorities thinking that her daughter was answerable. However, Noura whatsoever times preserved her virtue. So, if you occur to’re analytical regarding what took place on this situation as well as the area she is maybe promptly, we’ve gotten you lined.

Who is Noura Jackson?

Noura Jackson was birthed to Nazmi Hassanieh as well as Jennifer Jackson, with the pair separating swiftly after. In an unfortunate flip of events, Nazmi passed away in January 2004 when he was fired to death on the gas station he had. At the moment, the authorities thought it was a murder. There have actually been reports regarding Nazmi’s limos obtaining made use of to carry out immoral medication deals, with him most likely having video evidence of that. However, Nazmi’s murder stayed unresolved.

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At the moment of the case, Noura lived together with her mother as well as was near her. She mentioned, “When you have a single-parent family, the bond is closer. It’s not just your mom.” More than a year later on, Noura managed another impact when she discovered her less competent mother in her bed space at their home in Memphis,Tennessee Jennifer was stabbed more than 50 circumstances as well as was found by Noura at rounded 5 AM on June 5, 2005.

When doubted, Noura, after that 18, recommended the cops that she got on the indigenous Italian competitors on the evening of June 4 after she obtained her nails finished during the day. Then, Noura mentioned she had actually participated in 2 occasions. At rounded 12:46 AM, she mosted likely to a gas station to acquire cigarettes, after that to a friend’s area at regarding 3:30 AM, as well as obtained gas at 4:20 AM. Noura preserved that she obtained home at 5 AM when she found her mother.

However, telephone information repainted an unique picture. Noura’s telephone was peaceful in between 1 AM as well as 3 AM, the moment when the cops thought Jennifer was eliminated. Furthermore, it showed up that she was home earlier than 5 AM, opposing her initial assertion. Not merely that, the authorities had actually seen a minimize on her left hand that she asserted took place because of a loss on the competitors. But Noura fell short to state a check out to the indigenous drug store at rounded 4 AM when she acquired first-aid offers the decrease.

The monitoring video clip showed up to explain Noura requesting for a towel to swab the decrease, recommending the injury was brand-new. Furthermore, a few of Noura’s friends mentioned they last discovered her round twelve o’clock at night. One buddy, Kirby McDonald, kept in mind Noura cursingJennifer She included, “Noura said, ‘My Mom’s a bitch, and she needs to go to hell.’” The examination furthermore exposed strength in between the mother as well as daughter, as well as the authorities really felt that Noura eliminated Jennifer in a suit of craze as well as attempted superimposing it up.

Soon, Noura was detained. But the authorities had no physical evidence attaching Noura to the murder. They focused carefully on the decrease on her hand on the moment. While some friends mentioned they really did not remember Noura having an injury, a previous buddy later on affirmed that Noura asked for a plaster on the celebration. Furthermore, Noura preserved that the trip to Walgreens was useless as well as mentioned her mother had actually currently acquired a collection of plasters; Jennifer created it down on an obtaining listing. Furthermore, Noura as well as others thought Nazmi’s opponents may have eliminated Jennifer.

At Noura’s test in February 2009, the prosecution claimed that she used completely various stories to people worrying the decrease on her hand. Andrew Hammack, that asserted he was one in every of Noura’s consort benefits, mentioned she described as and also texted him throughout the moment Jennifer passed away as well as requested him to find back over. On the contrary hand, the security indicated a shortage of physical evidence as well as mentioned her figure really did not offer any type of indications of remaining in a battle.

Where is Noura Jackson Today?

In February 2009, Noura was found accountable of second-degree murder as well as was later on punished to twenty years as well as 9 months behind bars. Then, in August 2014, the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the murder sentence. The court room controlled that the prosecution kept a portable observe composed by Andrew that opposed his statement. In the similar observe, he confessed to being too much on medicine. The court room furthermore mentioned that Noura’s humans rights to remain quiet as well as never ever indicate have actually been breached.

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In May 2015, Noura decided to avoid another test, authorizing an Alford appeal for volunteer murder, together with her sentence being reduced to fifteen years. She was introduced in August 2016 after offering 11 years behind bars. Noura originally dealt with Ansley Larsson, a home buddy, in Memphis, earlier than moving to Nashville,Tennessee There, she lived together with her sweetheart, an ex-felon, therefore they seemed entirely pleased after some trouble uncovering a house.

Eventually, Noura transferred to New York to participate in the State University of New York Empire State College, together with her situation being gotten by theInnocence Project She imagined obtaining an institution education as well as wished to operate in jail justice reform, specifically offering to womanly detainees. Apart from that, Noura wished to have a home of her individual in some undefined time in the future as well as has actually remained to raise awareness regarding wrongful sentences. She ahead of time struggled as an assistant at a vehicle shop. However, in July 2022, Noura was detained in Kentucky after confessing to having drug, cannabis, as well as prescription medications.

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