Where Is Debra Jeter Texas Today? What Happened To Her Daughters?


After slitting the throats of each of her daughters at an deserted residence off of Interstate 77 in Hillsboro, Texas, Debra Jeter was sentenced to life in jail.

Debra Jeter, then 32, slashed the throats of each of her children at an deserted dwelling off of Interstate 77 in Hillsboro, Texas on June 5, 2009. 

Similarly, Jeter was accused of bodily assaulting her elder daughter, Kiersten, in 2004, however the case was withdrawn after Debra Jeter underwent psychological successfully being therapy.

Besides, proper right here is every half everybody is aware of concerning the case and Debra’s whereabouts.

Where Is Debra Jeter Texas Today? Story Explained

Debra Jeter was sentenced to life in jail, so it is seemingly she’s serving her time interval now. On May 27, 2010, Debra Jeter was sentenced to life in jail with out the prospect of launch after accepting a plea settlement all through which she admitted to capital homicide and tried premeditated homicide.

Besides, her surviving daughter was saved from testifying in courtroom docket on account of the plea settlement, which prevented the potential of an absence of life sentence.

In an deserted residence alongside Highway 77, police found Jeter and her 12-year-old daughter Kelsey hold. Following her mom’s assault, Kiersten, aged 13, was bleeding and barely surviving.

Debra Jeter was charged with first-degree homicide and tried first-degree homicide

Jeter appeared to be in misery and requested an ambulance from the 911 operator, as per analysis. The badly injured daughter was crying for help in that deserted dwelling your full time, and Jeter may very successfully be heard on the 911 tape expressing comfort.

A knife was used because of the homicide weapon. After murdering her youthful daughter, Jeter surrendered to authorities and appeared to know what had occurred.

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Debra Jeter’s Husband Lester Lee Jeter

Lester Lee Jeter, Debra’s husband, filed for divorce in May 2009 for causes which have nonetheless to be revealed.

As per sources, Debra tried suicide on May 22 in entrance of her two children with Lester Jeter, expressing her dissatisfaction with the separation. Debra was positioned in a psychological successfully being heart for a short while interval.

Lester Jeter, Debra Jeter’s confederate, filed for divorce in 2009

Further, her husband filed for divorce, bought a short lived restraining order, and was granted short-term custody of his two kids the day following Debra’s suicide attempt, whereas she was nonetheless contained in the hospital.

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What Happened To Debra Jeter’s Daughters?

Debra made plans to go to her two daughters after being launched from the hospital and drove them to an deserted dwelling off Interstate 77 merely prior to route 35 in Milford.

Reportedly, Jeter began off by stabbing Kiersten with a knife. Kiersten shouted for her sister to flee as she fought off her mom. Debra’s focus shifted away from Kiersten and onto Kelsey on account of this.

In an try and defend her sister, Kiersten was stabbed contained in the as soon as extra. Tragically, Debra cut back Kelsey’s neck, and she or he died contained in the deserted dwelling’s rest room.

Furthermore, Debra returned to Kiersten and slashed her all by means of the neck, slicing her airway and positively one in every of her predominant arteries.

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