Where is Dana Jester Now?


‘Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed’ on Netflix, sent through Joshua Rof é, gives the audiences the motivational lifestyle of the artist ahead. Bob’s series, ‘The Joy of Painting,’ which broadcast in between 1983 as well as 1994, still gets popularity as well as reader all these years eventually. Bob was actually aptly assisted through his friends and family throughout his lifestyle, along with Dana Jester being among all of them. Dana, an artist themself, was just one of Bob’s closest good friends that has actually maintained his paint design to life by means of his craft lessons. So, permit’s discover additional regarding him at that point, shall our company?

Who is Dana Jester?

Dana Jester is a Redkey, Indiana, citizen that is a reputable performer in his personal right. Dana satisfied Bob for the very first time at the Muncie Mall in Indiana occasionally in 1982. Bob remained in city performing a paint discussion at that time, as well as Dana had an interest in it. The 2 of all of them came to be fast good friends after understanding they possessed a great deal alike. Soon afterwards, Bob came to be a somebody, along with his series shooting up in appeal.

Where is Dana Jester Now?

As Bob’s series connected with additional folks, his shops additionally found an increase in trainees that desired to find out. In reality, a number of all of them wanted to find out the procedures to make sure that they might instruct others. Bob talked to Dana to aid him out keeping that, as well as there started Dana’s quest around the nation. He journeyed to a number of conditions coming from coastline to coastline to instruct folks Bob’s trademark procedures. In the film, Dana spoke about exactly how Bob liked finding a brand-new trainee smile after completing a paint, hardly thinking on their own.

Dana additionally showed up on ‘The Joy of Painting’ as an attendee when it was actually on the sky. After Bob passed away in 1995, Dana remained to store shops all around the nation as well as instructed the “wet-on-wet” approach that is currently identified along withBob Ross He said of the approach, “It’s such an easy style to get started in. Everybody sees him do it in 30-minutes and they think, wow, look how easy that is. Maybe I should try it and get the results.”

Where is Dana Jester Now?

Dana partnered with Bob’s boy, Steve, to carry out seminars as well as instruct lessons in various metropolitan areas. Steve participated in Dana during the course of the very early 2000s just before tipping away. But Dana persuaded him to come back while driving once more in 2019, beginning in Winchester,Indiana They have actually carried lots of shops ever since, consisting of as lately as August 2021. Dana has actually marketed a number of his personal jobs as well as remains to coat. He stays in Portland, Indiana.