Where is Brittney Wood’s Family Now?


Peacock’s ‘Monster in the Shadows’ possesses the supervisor history some of the absolute most magnificent tales to have actually barged in Alabama over the last handful of years. Over 3 incidents, the docuseries looks into the mystical loss of 19-year-old Brittney Wood after she left her mom’s house in Mobile,Alabama But the cops after that began detaining several of Brittney’s closest family members for their participation in an incestuous sexual activity band that continued unattended forthree generations In all, eleven individuals, consisting of 8 of Brittney’s family members, were actually apprehended in what the authorizations strongly believed as the biggest unlawful sexual activity supplantAlabama So, are you pondering what possesses occurred to all of them due to the fact that? Here’s what we understand!

Who is in Brittney Wood’s Family?

In May 2012, Brittney faded away after final being actually found along with her uncle,Donald Holland She left her 2-year-old little girl, Payton, overdue. At the moment, Donald was actually under investigation for sexual harassment after Randall “Scott” Wood, that was actually Chessie’s bro, signaled the authorizations to the sexual activity criminal offenses accomplished on much younger relative due to the grownups in the family. The authorizations strongly believed that he resided in love along with some of the ladies that was actually being actually intimately over used.

Where is Brittney Wood’s Family Now?

Scott themself was actually eventually billed along with incest, sexual harassment, as well as sodomy. The authorizations could possibly never ever talk with Donald pertaining to any one of this considering that he eliminated themself on June 1, simply 2 times after Brittney’s loss. Soon, they discovered exactly how the sexual harassment had actually been actually taking place for several productions, beginning along with when Donald gotten married to Brittney’s auntie,Wendy Donald was actually looked at the leader of the perverted sexual activity band. Wendy additionally possessed a primary task in it, together with her identical twin sis, Mendy, as well as her spouse, Dustin Kent.

According to the authorizations, Dustin forced some of the sufferers to make love along with him while the sufferer’s daddy checked out. It occurred when the sufferer was actually simply thirteen years of ages. Later at Wendy’s test, Dustin testified that he belonged to a six-way sex-related experience along with Mendy, Wendy, as well as an adolescent sufferer. He mentioned on the position, “It wasn’t like it was her first time. She (the victim) and (Wendy) had done this before.” Dustin, Mendy, as well as Wendy were actually billed as well as eventually pronounced guilty for their participation in the sexual activity misuse band.

Brittney’s bro, Derek Wood, that Chessie named her little girl’s guard, was actually additionally imprisoned. He was actually billed along with second-degree statutory offense as well as sodomy. Derek begged bad as well as received vibrant lawbreaker condition, suggesting that his documents were actually sealed off. Derek, a sufferer themself, additionally explained that he possessed sex along with Wendy several opportunities beginning when he was actually around thirteen years of ages. Chessie was actually additionally alleged to have actually made love along with a younger women loved one. She emphatically rejected all allegations as well as begged bad to a violation cost of careless homicide.

Where is Brittney Wood’s Daughter, Brother, as well as Mom Now?

Dustin, Wendy, as well as Mendy obtained extensive penitentiary paragraphes for numerous commands entailing sexual harassment, sodomy, as well as statutory offense. Scott begged bad to a second-degree sodomy cost, as well as the various other costs versus him were actually lost. He obtained 3 years behind bars. As for Derek, he begged bad to making love along with a minor sufferer. As every the program, he was actually penalized to 3 years as well as needed to show as a sexual activity lawbreaker permanently. In 2019, he was actually arrested for taking a tow vehicle in Mobile.

Chessie obtained no penitentiary opportunity as well as still stays inMobile She said of her granddaughter, “I don’t want to leave this world with her baby growing up trying to figure out who did it and where her mommy is.” As for Brittney’s little girl, Payton, it was actually mentioned that she dealt with her natural father, Andy, as well as his grandma. In 2018, an 8-year-old Payton commemorated her mom’s birthday celebration as well as said, “I would give her a balloon. I can’t give her a hug. I wish I could. I miss her.”