Where is Bambi Bennett’s Ex-Boyfriend Richard Gagnon Now?


Investigation Discovery’s ‘Unusual Suspects: Deadly Intent: Shattered Dreams’ follows the unfortunate story of Richard Gagnon, who was erroneously convicted for the murder of Diane and Charles Parker Sr., his girlfriend’s dad and mother, in Nixonville, South Carolina, in April 2005. What adopted was an 8-year licensed battle sooner than he could lastly get out of jail though not expunged till now. So who exactly is that this Richard Gagnon and what are his story and current whereabouts? Let’s uncover out, lets?

Who is Richard Gagnon?

Richard Gagnon was a 32-year-old white man residing in Horry County, South Carolina. He was relationship Bambi Bennett, daughter of Charles Parker Sr. and Diane, in April 2005. However, when her dad and mother had been shot lifeless of their Nixonville home in South Carolina on April 12, 2005, the couple was arrested on the charges of first-degree murder and burglary. The couple used to stick with the Parkers for a considerable interval sooner than they moved out following a disagreement over inheritance and custody of Bambi’s two sons whom she had from a earlier marriage.

Charlie and Diane Parker//Image Credit: Dateline/NBC

Richard, Bambi, and the boys, aged 12 and 14, used to remain throughout the woods beneath a tent and solely acquired right here to the Parker residence to eat and bathe when the elder couple was not present. They later moved proper into a house at Myrtle Beach. Witnesses positioned Richard and Bambi on the Parker residence on April 11, 2005. Investigators moreover found Charle’s blood on one amongst Bambi’s boots and Richard’s footwear at their residence, and the couple was arrested in April 2005, two weeks after the invention of the our our bodies.

In May 2007, the prosecution dismissed the charges in opposition to Bambi with the blood report on her boot being inconclusive and there being an absence of proof to tie her to the crime scene. However, the investigators had established that the blood found on Richard’s shoe was from the crime scene and reportedly acquired there after the murder. Richard denied any perform throughout the double murder, stating he had been contained within the residence after the police had retrieved the our our bodies to get Bambi’s course and automotive keys.

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He claimed that he may have stepped on the pool of blood near the rest room the place Charle’s bloody physique was discovered. But, the prosecution had a closing card up their sleeves – they supplied one different convict, Robert Lee Mullins, who had been with Richard all through pre-trial detention. Mullins claimed that Richard had confessed to committing the murders to him. Based on this testimony and totally different proof, the jury convicted Richard on two counts of first-degree burglary and murder on March 13, 2008. Richard obtained a life sentence with out the chance of parole on account of his convictions.

The investigators had moreover found blood on the crime scene that didn’t belong to the victims and neither to the arrested couple. In 2009, the police lastly found a match – Bruce Antwain Hill. He was moreover charged with double murder and sentenced to life in jail with out the prospect of parole. Authorities claimed that Richard and Bruce had devoted the murders collectively. However, Bruce denied understanding Richard in a jail interview.

Where is Richard Gagnon Today?

Robert “Bob” Dudek, Richard’s appellant authorized skilled, filed a post-conviction motion for a model new trial in 2012. Bob supplied a former preacher at Murrells Inlet Community Church named Robert Troy Taylor, who was a regular hyperlink between Richard and Mullins. Taylor claimed that he met Mullins throughout the jail chapel of the Evans Correction Institution and Mullins had allegedly instructed him that he had fabricated his testimony in Richard’s listening to.

Taylor and Richard had been in a Bible analysis group in jail in 2012, and incessantly carried out enjoying playing cards collectively. During one such having fun with session, Richard recounted how Muller’s testimony carried out a central perform in his conviction. Taylor was ready to piece collectively what occurred and stood by his testimony even beneath rigorous cross-examination. Based on it, Richard’s convictions had been vacated and his motion for a model new trial was granted in January 2013. With his retrial pending, Richard acquired his launch on a $50,000 bond in February 2013.

However, his case was dismissed on April 23, 2015, though it might be supplied sooner than a resolve anytime in the end beneath a model new docketing system in place. The prosecution had stated that the charges had not been expunged. While Richard is now a free man with no requirement to report again to a bondsman, he maintains a low profile. Richard’s lawyer talked about, “His words to me were, ‘I feel blessed,’ and maybe it’s that simple for him.” Following his launch from jail, Richard, now in his late 40s, has found religion, as stated by his appellant authorized skilled throughout the remand listening to.

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