Where Is Alone Season 8 Winner Clay Hayes Now?


‘Alone’ is an awesome survival fact TELEVISION series which counters skilled survivalists versus the excessive risks of attributes. Being fully deserted in a remote control region and afterwards must make it through is the problem each participant experiences. Ultimately, the final individual status in the wild is determined the splendid winner of ‘Alone.’ Clay Hayes took on the risks of attributes as well as stood up successful in season8 A follower fave coming from the very start, Clay presented specific abilities as well as expertise in his mission for survival. Let’s determine where the expert survivalist goes to existing, shall our experts?

Clay Hayes: Alone Season 8 Journey

Clay Hayes’ interest along with the forest as well as survivalism stemmed coming from an extremely younger grow older. He grew in country Florida as well as was actually shown the essentials of searching, angling, as well as holding right coming from his youth. Moreover, although he occupied job as a creatures biologist, Clay located themself acquiring pulled in the direction of the craft of creating heads as well as unsophisticated weapon. Thus, to observe his enthusiasm, he released his work as well as devoted his lifestyle to the research study of weapon, which assisted him end up being a specialist bishop as well as head crafter.

Where Is Alone Season 8 Winner Clay Hayes Now?

While on the coasts of Chilko Lake in ‘Alone’ season 8 AKA ‘Alone: Grizzly Mountain,’ Clay located a make use of for the specialist abilities he had actually sharpened given that youth as well as fasted to discover water as well as home. Although he possessed issue discovering meals at first, Clay handled to get rid of a deer which prepared him up for the remainder of the season. Even as his fellow heirs began touching out, Clay remained sturdy as well as committed to his target to make it through.

Clay sustained every thing the wild tossed at him as well as handled to get rid of all barriers. Moreover, residing in the Grizzly Mountains, the participants watched out for bears. On the some others palm, Clay presented impressive valor when he went looking for the bear as well as also stood his ground when it asked for at him. Ultimately, Clay Hayes endured for an overall of 74 times as well as was actually determined the winner of his season.

Where Is Clay Hayes Now?

Clay Hayes is currently a qualified seeker as well as bowyer. Before seeming on ‘Alone,’ Clay was actually really popular for being actually a specialist unsophisticated bowmaker. He also published video clips online as well as stored lessons to share his expertise concerning heads. Since his ‘Alone’ adventure, Clay’s popularity has actually developed significantly, as well as he has actually likewise been actually included on numerous respected magazines.

Moreover, the expert bowyer likewise functioned as a visitor on many podcasts, series, as well as video clips to mention his adventure as well as expertise. Clay’s YouTube stations has actually likewise developed substantially, as well as he currently posts normal video clips concerning survival abilities as well as bow-making tasks. Furthermore, he still performs his a lot in-demand lessons on head crafting as well as weapon.

At existing, Clay, his better half Liz, as well as his pair of boys dwell in a home near Lewiston inNorth Idaho His better half allotments his passion for attributes, as well as all together the family medicine maintainable coming through searching, angling, seeking, as well as horticulture. Clay as well as Liz likewise make an effort as well as impart the passion for attributes as well as bushcraft within their boys. With Clay submitting normal photos concerning his tasks as well as really loved ones on social media sites, it is attractive to witness the near connection his family members allotments.