Where Are Lisa and James Filiagge’s Daughters Now?


Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: Domestic Disturbance’ is actually a section that reviews the 1994 homicide of Lisa Huff Filiaggi through her ex-husband, in addition to its own disorganized results. On January 24, James J. Filiaggi visited the brand new property his previous companion provided their pair of daughters and her brand new future husband, simply to eliminate her in among one of the most painful means likely. After all, he pursued, chance, and eliminated her in a next-door neighbor’s house after she left. This additionally suggested that their females really did not witness the criminal offense. But currently, allow’s discover additional concerning all of them, shall our experts?

Who Are Lisa and James Filiaggi’s Daughters?

Even though James and Lisa Filiaggi possessed formally split up 9 months after getting married in December 1991, they would certainly accepted pair of wonderful females coming from their connection,Alexis and Jasmin A court gave their breakup in February 1993, however points had actually presently switched spiteful through that aspect. As every files, Lisa was their daughters’ main guardian, however James possessed visiting legal rights. Thus, after she received interacted, he would certainly frequently endanger her whenever they got to know in person. In simple fact, James the moment grabbed her back and fractured her future husband’s skin in the course of a bodily run-in.

Where Are Lisa and James Filiagge’s Daughters Now?

James professed that their daughters were his best concern, however still, he eliminated their mommy in January 1994 while they oversleeped their upstairs rooms at her house. Alexis was actually 3-years-old, whereas Jasmin was actually one when they dropped both their birth parents. It appears like the moment the outburst developed, not either they neither their family members desired all of them near toJames It’s certainly never been actually uncovered if they possessed any type of relationship observing his detention. However, Jasmin performed compose a character to the parole panel to aid all of them choose if James’s capital punishment ought to be actually exchanged to lifestyle behind bars.

“My opinion to death is whatever the killer or person did wrong to another person should be done to them. Take my dad, he shot my mom. So I think he should be shot,” Jasmin penciled. “I have no sympathy for him, and what needs to be done is accepted by me. I agree with everything.”

Where Are Lisa and James Filiaggi’s Daughters Now?

Following Lisa Filiaggi’s collapse and James’ detention, their daughters resided in the imprisonment of their parental auntie for a quick while, up until she died in awful car accident merely months eventually. They were actually at that point along with their concerned grandparents just before discovering an accurate house along with James’ bro.

Anthony Filiaggi and his better half increased Alexis and Jasmine in Elyria, Ohio, as their personal without lawfully fostering all of them. In 2007, the then-teenagers declined to join their daddy’s implementation, and also Anthony stayed away from delivering all of them right into the limelight. “I’m trying not to comment about my daughters, and I’m trying to protect them from the media,” hesaid “[James] is my brother. I know he did something wrong. Part of me is sad. He’s my flesh and blood. [But] I also still remember Lisa and what happened.”

Alexis and Jasmine have actually currently proceeded along with their lifestyles to the most effective of their capabilities. From what our experts may inform, while Alexis is actually located in Elyria and functioning as a registered nurse, her little bit of sibling resides in Los Angeles, California, and managing being actually a Freelance Promotional Specialist and dining establishment web server.