Where Are Jenni Rivera’s Husbands Now?


Although it’s been a years given that famous Regional Mexican musician Jenni Rivera handed away in an airplane accident, a variety of factors of each her life and also death have actually continued to be variables of interest for fans. That’s as an outcome of not only had actually been her personal experiences an unlike her lucrative proficient standing, however furthermore her awful death was relatively enigmatic due to the bordering conditions. So with Peacock’s ‘Who Killed Jenni Rivera?’ having actually simply recently checked out the similar as properly, if you take place to wish to be educated added in relation to the previous when it involves her connections, we’ve gotten the vital point details for you.

Who Were Jenni Rivera’s Husbands?

It was once more in 1984 when Jenni got married for the key time with Jos é Trinidad Mar ín on the childhood of 15 whereas she was just a student in highschool upon becoming expecting by him. The teenager had actually established to raise the baby– a lady, Janney “Chiquis” Mar ín-Rivera– and also continue seeking her training, which she really took care of to do no matter furthermore concentrating on their climbing family. In reality, the pair rapidly invited 2 added young people right into their globe, Jacqueline “Jacqie” Marin Rivera and also Michael Marin Rivera, only to half approaches completely by the factor 1992 rolled round.

Jenni was apparently the one to declare separation after virtually 8 years of marital relationship on the premises Jos é had actually been physical, psychologically, and also emotionally violent in the direction of her throughout their union. However, she may’ve never envisioned he would certainly also sexually manipulate his individual 2 little girls along with her younger sis Rosie Rivera– a truth that obtained below to light in 1997 as a result of the last. Rosie obtained below in advance to insist the ex-husband utilized to molest her whereas she was a small and also was currently doing the similar to Chiquis, just for a medical exam to confirm Jacqie was his patient, as well.

As per Chiquis’ accounts, it began when she was 8 and also lasted till she started menstruating on the age of 12– her papa and also mama had actually been dividing guardianship of her on the moment (apparently 1993-1997). “My father would take advantage of those weekends, exploiting my silence more and more while simultaneously becoming ever more aggressive,” she penciled in her 2015 narrative ‘Forgiveness.’ “His growing boldness translated into longer, more fearsome, and more painful sessions for me. All I remember is closing my eyes, tensing up my arms, and thinking: ‘If I don’t put up too much of a fight, then he will be done with me sooner.’”

It’s essential to observe 1997 was furthermore the year Jenni wed her 2nd spouse, Juan López, and also offered shipment to their very first youngster Jenicka Lopez Rivera, embraced by Juan Angel Lopez Rivera in 2001. But alas, also they separated complying with 6 years of togetherness in 2003 because of cheatings and also dishonesty from his facet whereas she struggled, based upon the Peacock special docudrama collection. The famend musician after that got married together with her 3rd (last) spouse, baseball individual Esteban Loaiza, in 2010, however they had actually remained in the middle of their separation procedures when she passed away in late 2012.

Where Are Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husbands Now?

Jos é had actually really taken place the lam as quickly as the claims against him obtained below to light, so he invested 9 years as a fugitive earlier than the authorities last but not least overtook him in April 2006. It after that took a year for him to deal with the songs in court docket, nonetheless lastly, on May 9, 2007, he was founded guilty of 3 matters of salacious act on an infant, 3 matters of dental copulation of a youngster, one depend of exacerbated sexual offense, and also one depend of consistent sexual offense. Jos é was as a result punished to 31 years behind bars and also is therefore currently put behind bars on the medium-security Chuckawalla Valley State Prison on the age of 58.

As for Juan, he as well uncovered himself in court docket in 2007 on expenses linked to medication handling, for which he acquired 10 years. However, a simple 2 years later on, he regretfully handed far from concerns of pneumonia whereas sent to prison. Lastly, we’ve obtained Esteban, whom Jenni had actually reduced up from over uncertainties he was not only swiping from her however furthermore having an event together with her oldest little girl Chiquis, which they’ve each emphatically rejected.

From what we have the ability to educate, Esteban was collared in February 2018 with above 44 kilos (20 kgs) of drug in his ownership, complying with which he begged accountable to felony matters linked to the similar. He was consequently punished to 3 years behind bars in March 2019, however was introduced and also deported to Mexico on August 6, 2021, the area he apparently remains to today.

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