Where Are Christina Morris’ Parents Now?


In the very early hrs of August 30, 2014, Christina Morris strolled in to a neighborhood parking lot in Plano, Texas, alonged with a friend, Enrique Arochi, certainly never to become viewed or even learnt through once again. Nearly 4 months after her loss, along with DNA documentation versus him, Enrique was actually jailed as well as asked for along with exacerbated kidnapping. However, as profiled on I.D.’s ‘See No Evil: We Never Fight’ as well as NBC’s ‘Dateline: Frost,’ her emaciated continueses to be were actually recuperated coming from a neighboring community in March 2018. With that, our experts can not assist however ponder what her parents experienced, thus listed here’s what our experts discovered.

Who Are Christina Morris’ Parents?

Christina Morris was actually birthed to Jonni Hare (nee McElroy) as well as Mark Morris on July 25, 1991, as well as typically matured in Plano just before transferring to Fort Worth to become along with her man. Even though her parents weren’t with each other as she got older, it appears like she certainly never really felt the reduction of either as they each really loved as well as assisted her via excessive as well as slim. In reality, when his little girl disappeared, Mark led a team of volunteers every Saturday to hunt for her, as well as Jonni took part in all of them as long as she can while enduring of condition during the time. They likewise brought up recognition regarding the instance on social networks systems.

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When Enrique was apprehended, they did not slow their pace, and when he stood trial, Mark testified that he was the one who reported Christina missing on September 2 at 11:15 p.m. after no one had heard from her for over 60 hours. He detailed that he was frantic when he learned what had happened because his daughter hated the dark and always preferred to have someone around if she needed to walk gloomy regions. Thus, the thought of someone hurting her in such a situation was like a nightmare come to life. Plus, if Enrique did force her into the trunk of his vehicle, it would have terrorized her beyond belief.

Where are Christina Morris’ Parents Now?

Although Enrique has only been convicted of Christina Morris’ kidnapping, Chris Morris and Jonni Hare believe that he’s responsible for more, with the former even saying, “I hope you rot in hell,” during his victim impact statement in 2016. He then continued to look for his baby girl every possible weekend, only for her to be found by strangers in March 2018. Following this, Jonni wrote a letter to Enrique in prison, about her 40th to him, saying, “This will be the last letter I ever write you. Because you aren’t worth my time, and you deserve nothing…I, as her mother, and we, as her family and friends, will make sure justice is served.”

Today, both Mark and Jonni are trying to move on with their lives to the best of their abilities. From what we can tell, while the former resides in Allen, Texas, with his wife Anna and owns and operates a pool service company, Jonni dwells in Tyler, Texas. For them, the dark cloud of a lost daughter will never go away, but they’re keeping Christina’s memories alive. “I am in a better place,” Jonni said in 2018. “I’ve learned how to exist without being her mother physically but spiritually. It’s a beautiful thing.”