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Curated by the artist himself, the exhibition covers the works achieved over the interval of the final 4 years and is an amalgamation of his thematic issues.

A BFA and MFA holder from Assam University, Bhattacharjee who works throughout mediums with sculptures in chrome steel, wooden and aluminum, primarily skilled as a painter. This solo present options his sculptures, bodily and digital installations.

This Assam-born and Delhi-based artist asserts, “Being a multidisciplinary artist, I have no favourite medium. I am able to utilize one more than the other which gives me respect and admiration for each medium I work with.”

One of the pioneers of digital artwork within the nation and among the many first Indians to checklist his work as an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), he tells IANS that there have been quite a few challenges on this realm. “The biggest one is the idea that digital art is often not seen as a serious medium in the art space, something that pushes me further. Digital art is important for me as being born in this era, the artworks I create always reflect my surroundings and documented time. I want to utilise what is currently available as a new medium to work on.”

Although the present was scheduled to be held earlier, it needed to be postponed owing to the Pandemic. Now, regardless of the brand new variant crating havoc, he continues to stay optimistic. “Let us not forget that survival is our natural instinct, as humans we have and always will have the ability to look at things with a positive lens.”

For him, the earlier lockdowns have been a chance to introspect and take a look at it from a degree of making one thing new. “I never felt suffocated and had a very optimistic view of the future. Through this came ‘Body and Imagination’,” he says.

For somebody practising within the bodily and digital world, the shift to the hybrid mannequin which most galleries have adopted didn’t come as a shock. “If the real world is in disarray the virtual world becomes my alternative space. So, a hybrid model works well. We cannot deny that we are in a digital era which must be utilised. Physical shows and virtual shows are equally important. Both come with challenges, but also opportunities.”

Ask him if he finds it amusing when individuals attempt to search for his self-portraits in his work, and he replies, “Yes, seeing the curiosity from them is something that makes me glad. Sometimes, when I don’t put my image in a work of art, I get questioned about where I am. I mostly reply – ‘In your heart’.”

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