What The Cast Of Footloose Is Doing Today


A modestly-budgeted production that got middling critical reviews upon its own launch in 1984, “Footloose” has actually come to be certainly not just a long-lasting target market favored, yet additionally one thing of a franchise business, along with a stage musical adaptation and also feature-length film remake in 2011 (and also obviously lives on in the external scopes of deep space, if our experts are actually to strongly believe Star-Lord in “Guardians of the Galaxy”). Part of the movie’s effectiveness is as a result of to its own ebullient soundtrack, which included two Oscar-nominated singles: the headline monitor through Kenny Loggins and also Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It For the Boy.” But the cast of “Footloose” is additionally a crucial think about its own recognition.

At minimum 2 of its own celebrities– John Lithgow and also Dianne Wiest, that participated in the Reverend Shaw Moore and also his better half, Vi– were actually created movie and also tv stars, and also its own top, Kevin Bacon, had actually seemed in a number of components before “Footloose.” The remainder were actually mainly unfamiliar to spectators. But the effectiveness of the movie enhanced Bacon and also many of his castmates, featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Lori Singer, and also Chris Penn, to fame, while others located differing levels of effectiveness in movies, TELEVISION, and also various other channels. Below is a check out the cast of “Footloose,” and also where the movie has actually taken their professions considering that.

Kevin Bacon’s 6 levels began along with Footloose

Kevin Bacon possessed bit parts in favorite movies, featuring “National Lampoon’s Animal House” and also “Friday the 13th,” and also take away honors for movie theater do work in the 1980s (as observed in the film “Val”), yet prominence had actually outruned him up until “Footloose.” He landed the function of Ren McCormick mainly on the durability of his functionality as the off-kilter preppy Fenwick in Barry Levinson’s “Diner,” yet “Footloose” thrust him in to leading guy standing.

Playing the hero in movies like “Quicksilver” and also “She’s Having a Baby” really did not completely coincide Bacon, that chose a lot more unusual meals in the 1990s. A chain of personality transforms– a hustler in Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” a stiff army district attorney in Rob Reiner’s “A Few Good Men” and also a cold-blooded financial institution thief in Curtis Hanson’s “The River Wild” exposed Bacon’s convenience, which he eventually doubled up in to significantly reputable components like “Apollo 13,” “Sleepers,” and also Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River.” Bacon’s near-ubiquitous existence on display screen might possess generated the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” video game, yet it additionally showed that he was actually a skilled and also competent entertainer.

Bacon stays active as ever before in his 4th years on-screen: he acquired an Emmy nomination and Golden Globe as a Marine that ushers a dropped soldier’s stays house in “Taking Chance,” and also pulled vital appreciation for starring kip down the anecdotal set “Following,” “I Love Dick” (which made a Golden Globe salute) and also “City on a Hill.” He’s additionally still active in components, featuring “X-Men: First Class,” “Patriots Day,” and also “You Should Have Left,” as well as additionally appreciates a long-running popular music occupation as half of the Bacon Brothers along with his brother or sister,Michael And, as this clip coming from “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” shows, he may still dance up a tornado.

John Lithgow located the center inRev Moore

Prior to signing up with “Footloose” as the hardline minister Shaw Moore, John Lithgow had actually confirmed his convenience along with a cord of distinct flick parts: he made next Oscar nominations as a transgender soccer gamer in “The World According to Garp,” and also a kindly bank that ends up being passionately included along with Debra Winger in “Terms of Endearment.”

Lithgow observed this along with a full-bore turn as a terrified airline passenger in “Twilight Zone: The Movie” (commemorating the traditional William Shatner “Zone” incident “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet“) previously once more switching equipments to participate inMoore His functionality as a guy driven through his child’s unintentional fatality to disallow popular music and also dance in his town is a fragile mix of temper, worry, and also woe, and also highlights Lithgow’s standing as a talented role star.

Lithgow has actually operated at an out of breath rate in the 3 many years considering that “Footloose,” making numerous Emmys, Golden Globes, and also Screen Actors Guild as the extraterrestrial Dick Solomon on “3rd Rock from the Sun,” the impressive Arthur Mitchell on “Dexter,” and also as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on “The Crown.” Between these initiatives, Lithgow articulated Lord Farquaad in “Shrek” and also starred in “Cliffhanger,” “Dreamgirls,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” ‘This is 40,” and in the reboot of “Perry Mason” He’s additionally appreciated a prosperous 2nd occupation as a kids’s manual writer and also audio performer.

Footloose took Sarah Jessica Parker coming from phase to fame

At the amount of time she was actually cast as Rusty, the pleasant sweetheart of Chris Penn’s Willard and also buddy to Lori Singer’s Ariel, Sarah Jessica Parker was actually mainly understood for her twist as Annie in the favorite Broadway music and also as a bashful teen on the creed comedy “Square Pegs.” The effectiveness of “Footloose” supplied her an in-road to additional feature-length film job, featuring “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” yet it was actually the Steve Martin humor “L.A. Story,” which cast her as a dark yet sparkling spokesmodel, that broke the ice for her display screen fame.

Well- gotten kip down “Honeymoon in Vegas,” “Hocus Pocus” and also “Ed Wood” anticipated her Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning run as correspondent Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City.” During the set’ extensive system operate– and also pair of main attraction– Parker stayed energetic in components, logging looks in David Mamet’s “State and Main,” “The Family Stone,” “Failure to Launch,” and also “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” In 2016, she went back to tv as co-star and also co-producer of Sharon Horgan’s comedy-drama “Divorce,” and also in 2020, co-starred along with her other half, Matthew Broderick, in a revival of Neil Simon’s humor “Plaza Suite.”

Dianne Wiest succeeded pair of Oscars after Footloose

Dianne Wiest was actually largely a phase star before her turn as Reverend Moore’s compassionate better half, Vi, in “Footloose.” Ironically, she had actually merely co-starred along with John Lithgow pair of years just before the movie’s creation in a 1982 Broadway production of Christopher Durang’s humor “Beyond Therapy.” Wiest stayed energetic on phase after the effectiveness of “Footloose,” yet her occupation in movie and also on tv prospered also.

Wiest complied with “Footloose” along with a chain of significantly reputable turns for Woody Allen, featuring “Radio Days” and also “Hannah and Her Sisters,” the latter of which made her an Academy Award forBest Supporting Actress She will grab a 2nd Oscar and also a Golden Globe and also Screen Actors Guild Award for Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway” in 1994; in between those pair of manners, Wiest additionally starred in “The Lost Boys,” “Parenthood” (which additionally made her Oscar and also Golden Globe elections), and also “Edward Scissorhands.” Wiest relocated efficiently in to tv in the overdue 1990s, making an Emmy for “Road to Avonlea” in 1997 and also “In Treatment” in 2008 and also co-starring as District Attorney Nora Lewin on the “Law & Order” franchise business coming from 2000 to 2002.

Wiest has actually stayed incredibly active in the brand-new centuries, along with a starring function on the humor “Life in Pieces” and also sustaining kip down several theatrical and also TELEVISION components, featuring Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule,” the painful dim humor “I Care a Lot,” and also Steven Soderbergh’s improvisated comedy-drama “Let Them All Talk,” one of her several jobs.

Lori Singer: coming from Fame to Footloose and also past

Stints as a professional cellist and also manner version came before Lori Singer’s launching as a starlet in the preferred set “Fame” and also her breakout function as Ariel, Ren’s adore rate of interest, in “Footloose.” The recognition of the movie created Singer a go-to for willowy girl leads in movies like “The Falcon and the Snowman” and also “The Man with One Red Shoe,” along with the creed favored “Warlock.” But she additionally showed experienced at darker parts, featuring a Golden Globe-winning turn as a distressed cellist in Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” and also Keith Carradine’s child-like sweetheart in “Trouble in Mind,” her 1st of pair of components along with Altman colleague Alan Rudolph.

Singer’s functioning occupation cooled down in the overdue ’90s, though she remained to produce periodic visitor looks on TELEVISION set like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” She additionally relocated in to making film components. Her 1st attempt hereof, “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God,” made a Peabody Award and also 6 Primetime Emmy Award elections in 2013.

Famous brother or sister Chris Penn made his personal superstar after Footloose

One of one of the most charming components to “Footloose” is the companionship in between Ren and also Willard, a Bomont local area he shows to dance. As participated in through sign star Chris Penn, Willard surmounts his rough-hewn outdoor and also ends up being a motivation to any individual along with pair of nigh side feets.

Penn, that was actually the much younger sibling of star Sean Penn and also performer Michael Penn, had actually seemed in bit parts in “All the Right Moves” and also “Rumble Fish” just before “Footloose” enhanced him to fame. However, he located consistent job and also vital appreciation as a sign star in the ’90s along with a cord of parts as stressed guys simply irritated to brutality. Chief one of these was actually pair of legendary efficiencies for Quentin Tarantino jobs– as Nice Guy Eddie in “Reservoir Dogs” and also Nicky Dimes in “True Romance He additionally offered a painful, Golden Globe- gaining functionality as a swimming pool cleaner steered to a terrible unlawful act in Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts,” additionally starring Lori Singer.

Penn operated continuously throughout the ’90s, making an Independent Spirit election for “The Funeral” and also offering a remarkable functionality in “Mulholland Falls,” along with contrary Jackie Chan in “Rush Hour” and also on set like “Will & Grace” and also “Entourage” (as themself). On January 24, 2006, Penn was actually located lifeless in his house in Santa Monica, California at the grow older of 40. The main trigger was actually cited as heart problem made complex through numerous treatments.

John Laughlin ended up being a movie and also TELEVISION veterinarian after participating in Woody

John Laughlin‘s turn as Ren’s friend, Woody, in “Footloose” was actually a jumping-off place to a lengthy and also differed performing occupation that remains to today. The Memphis, Tennessee indigenous acquired his beginning as a stormtrooper on the notorious “Star Wars Holiday Special” just before landing a sustaining function in the Oscar- gaining “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Steady service tv resulted in “Footloose,” which subsequently offered Laughlin a quick improvement to leading guy standing, although his features because respect– featuring Ken Russell’s extraordinary “Crimes of Passion,” along with Kathleen Turner– were actually inadequately gotten.

Steady do work in low-budget components throughout the 1980s and also ’90s– along with periodic invasions in to center initiatives like “The Rock”– resulted in frequent projects as an attendee and also reoccuring gamer on system tv. Among Laughlin’s small-screen credit scores are actually guest chances on “Knot’s Landing,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “Criminal Minds,” and also “NCIS.” More just recently, he showed up in the TNT miniseries “I am the Night,” along with Chris Pine as a press reporter checking out the situations responsible for the Black Dahlia murder.

Footloose resulted in pointing and also composing for Elizabeth Gorcey

Elizabeth Gorcey created her 2nd display screen appeal as Ariel’s boy-crazy close friend, Wendy Jo, in “Footloose,” and also will comply with up that movie along with a sustaining function in yet another sustaining ’80’s favored, “Teen Wolf.” Additional TELEVISION and also attribute jobs complied with, very most especially incidents of “Highway to Heaven” and also “Max Headroom,” yet due to the very early 2000s, Gorcey had actually located a brand new electrical outlet for her abilities responsible for the video camera.

Gorcey made and also driven the film brief “Adopting Ginny” in 2012, and also made and also guided a number of brief remarkable movies, featuring the prize-winning “Just Another Man’s Story,” along with Ron Glass of “Barney Miller” and also”Everybody Loves Raymond’s” Doris Roberts In 2021, Gorcey created the surge to feature-length jobs through working as co-director on the humor “Peeling the Stinky Onion.”

In add-on to her movie jobs, Gorcey is the writer of a preferred set of youngsters’s manuals, “Liv on Life,” which attracts its own ideas coming from her personal little girl,Olivia The set gave rise to a way of life label that included a collection of hair treatment items for children.

Beloved ’80s flick mother Frances Lee McCain made her expert’s level

Frances Lee McCain was actually the best starlet for looking after mamas in the 1980s. In add-on to having fun Ren’s unwearied mama in “Footloose,” McCain– a Pennsylvania indigenous, Broadway professional and also constant visitor superstar on ’70s and also ’80s TELEVISION set– was actually Billy Peltzer’s mother in “Gremlins,” Lorraine Baines’ mama in “Back to the Future,” and also Gordie Lachance’s mother in “Stand By Me.” Her chain of matronly parts proceeded in to the 1990s along with her assisting function as Dewey and also Tatum Riley’s mama in “Scream.”

McCain stayed energetic on display screen throughout the 1990s and also 2000s, logging looks in “Patch Adams” and also Clint Eastwood’s “True Crime.” She remains to land parts in latest jobs like “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Better Call Saul,” and also “The Comeback Trail.” McCain additionally proceeded her education and learning, making a master’s degree in psychology coming from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2000, and also is energetic in movie theater jobs in California and also her existing house condition of New Mexico.

Jim Youngs was actually Footloose crook Chuck Cranston

The ’80s signboard kid for negative men, Chuck Cranston was actually simple on the eyes yet an outright beast in intermittent means. Chuck was actually a sectarian despot that had not been over acquiring bodily along with Ariel to maintain her under his finger; his surprised awareness that he would certainly put palms on her during the course of their major debate responsible for the bleachers does not maintain him coming from striking her a 2nd opportunity. Ren’s beatdown of Chuck in the movie’s ending was actually a pure stand-up-and-cheer second.

Actor Jim Youngs, that participated in Chuck, came from a doing loved ones– his sibling was actually “Deer Hunter” star John Savage and also his sibling was actually TELEVISION skill and also manufacturerGail Youngs He created his movie launching in the creed standard “The Wanderers”– which additionally showcased his vocal skill– and also very soon incorporated the painful TELEVISION flick “The Executioner’s Song” along with Tommy Lee Jones to his expanding checklist of credit scores.

“Footloose” showed to become the largest favorite of his functioning occupation: Youngs landed visitor parts on “Wiseguy,” “Babylon 5,” and also “NYPD Blue,” yet devoted a lot of his display screen attend low-budget component like the beast pest flick “Skeeter.” His last display screen credit report to time was actually 1995’s “The Dangerous.” A reported comeback in an adolescent sexual activity humor together with Tony Ganios of “Porky’s” prominence in 2012 possesses however to appear.

Ren’s Aunt Lulu, Lynne Marta, was actually an anecdotal TELEVISION regular

“Footloose” was actually merely among a handful of flick credit scores for starlet Lynne Marta, that participated in Ren’s auntie,Lulu Warnicker It was actually additionally among her very most top-level big-screen initiatives, barring the Clint Eastwood actioner “Joe Kidd” and also a bit part in “Three Men and a Little Lady.” Many of her various other attribute credit scores were actually low-budget rarities like “Help Me… I’m Possessed” and also the creed critter attribute “Blood Beach.”

Marta was actually a lot more respected as a TELEVISION star on set like “The Monkees,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Starsky & Hutch”– which starred her off-screen romantic partner, David Soul– and also “CHiPS.” After accomplishing “Footloose,” Marta resumed her active timetable of TELEVISION visitor looks, which very soon consisted of converts on “Designing Women,” “Law & Order,” and also “ER.” Marta was actually additionally a staple of soap operas, featuring “Days of Our Lives” and also the oddball “Passions.” Her final feature-length film credit report to time was actually the indie mystery “Time of Fear” in 2002, while her final TELEVISION appeal was actually a bit part on “American Dreams” in 2004.

Timothy Scott pitied grown-up Andy Beamis

Not every one of the grownups in Bomont are actually as shortsighted asRev Moore. Case in factor: Andy Beamis, that possesses the cotton plant where Ren jobs (and also dancings). He is, naturally, the one that recommends to Ren that he keeps the dancing in the nearby city of Bayson to circumnavigate Bomont’s restriction on dance and also popular music. More folks like Andy Beamis may possess steered clear of the entire awkward problem, yet at that point that additionally may’ve removed the entire remarkable arc of the flick.

Timothy Scott, that participated in Andy, was actually a local of Detroit and also started functioning in components and also on tv in the mid-1960s. He concentrated on Western and also country styles– among his earliest credit scores was actually as “Messy James,” a comrade to Cliff Robertson’s cattle herder bad guy Shame on “Batman”– and also offered genuine taste to such duration movies as “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and also “Days of Heaven,” along with many TELEVISION programs.

Following his appeal on “Footloose,” Scott appreciated several of his very most prosperous display screen jobs, featuring pair of spins as Texas Ranger Pea Eye Parker in “Lonesome Dove” and also its own 1993 miniseries part two. He additionally showed up in “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Gettysburg,” and also “Silent Tongue,” which denoted River Phoenix’s last display screen appeal. Scott died of issues coming from bronchi cancer cells in Los Angeles, California, on June 15, 1995.

Marcia Dangerfield ended up being a backstage MVP

Marcia Dangerfield possesses just a percentage of screentime in “Footloose” as local area lady Virginia, yet she is actually participated in a considerably larger function responsible for the settings in movie and also tv. After transferring coming from her home town of Indianapolis to Salt Lake City in 1978, Dangerfield operated as an article writer on commercial movies and also acted as the assistant of the Utah Screen Actors Guild division. She additionally operated responsible for the settings as a conversation train on a number of local area movie creations, featuring the notorious Santa slasher movie “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” and also as a star in the creed terror favored “The Boogens.”

After relocating to Los Angeles, she landed her function in “Footloose”– for which she was actually announced as Marcia Yvette Reider– while additionally operating as an associate and also spreading at several creation workplaces. Dangerfield remained to follow up on TELEVISION and also in individual movies for several years, both in Los Angeles and also Salt Lake City, featuring “Bats” and also “SLC Punk!” Since coming back to Indiana in 2000, Dangerfield has actually operated as an article writer, voice-over performer, and also star, very most especially in the Mark Ruffalo mystery “Dark Waters,” and also on “Touched by an Angel.”

Footloose’s Elvis, John Bishop, is a modification in real world, also

The John Bishop that participates in Elvis in “Footloose” is certainly not the “Doctor Who” actor and also UK witty of the exact same label (that, actually sufficient, labelled among his upright programs “Elvis Has Left the Building“). The “Footloose” John Bishop is a veteran actor along with credit scores that meet back to the overdue ’70s, featuring “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” and also “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (on which Marcia Dangerfield additionally operated). After accomplishing “Footloose,” Bishop operated at an out of breath clip on several tv incidents, featuring “Seinfeld,” “The Nanny,” “Criminal Minds,” and also “Agent Carter.” Bishop additionally appreciated a repeating function on “Longmire,” and also very most just recently, showed up in “Good Girls” and also Bryan Cranston’s miniseries “Your Honor.”

Bishop’s feature-length film credit scores feature “Apollo 13” (along with Kevin Bacon) “Volcano,” and also the Martin McDonagh creed fave “Seven Psychopaths.” Bishop has actually additionally played in several Los Angeles- place bands, and also offered his vocal to the English dub of “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.” His little girl, starlet Ivy Bishop, has actually observed his footprints because respect through operating as narration skill for a variety of cartoon set.

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