What Really Happened To Casey Kelso On That ’70s Show


Of the various edge personalities that reoccured throughout the period of “That ’70s Show,” handful of are actually as momentous as Casey Kelso, participated in through none besidesLuke Wilson In comparison to his much younger sibling, Michael (Ashton Kutcher), Casey is actually a little smarter and also incredibly easygoing. What he shows to his brother or sister, nonetheless, is actually an inherent feeling of arrogance and also a sex-driven attitude. But while our Kelso is actually presented to become at the very least quite maintaining his intimate companions, Casey is actually certainly not.

Casey is actually very first presented in Season 4 when he comes back property coming from his job in the Army and also briefly days Donna (Laura Prepon) after she had actually cracked up along with Eric Foreman (Topher Grace). However, it does not take crave her to understand that substantially much older Casey does not in fact love her the only thing that a lot. Unfortunately, after Donna cracks up along with Casey, she is actually anxious to locate that Eric performs certainly not would like to take her spine. This occasion provokes Donna’s selection to relocate to California in between Seasons 4 and also 5. After that, certainly not a great deal occurs to Casey Kelso on display screen. He shows up briefly in various other “That 70’s Show” periods however normally falls under the history.

Casey Kelso keeps operating and also philandering

The following opportunity audiences view Casey Kelso, it is actually in Season 6 when Donna places him in a trailer camp creating an easy retreat coming from some of his several casual sexes. It seems to be as if his adventure along with Donna performed certainly not modify him right when it concerns passion. This is actually more highlighted later on in the incident when he is actually illustrated operating as the reporter for some of Point Place’s bit nightclubs.

Casey shows up once again in Season 7 during the course of the incident “2120 So. Michigan Ave.” as a summer season institution health club educator. He enters into contravene Eric (whom he would certainly commonly contact “Foreplay” during the course of his short fling along with Donna) when Eric was actually called for to comprise a fitness center credit rating to class senior high school. After that, audiences certainly never face Casey Kelso once again. As Eric and also his close friends developed and also proceeded, it is actually perhaps secure to think that Casey certainly never left behind Point Place and also remained the usual philandering Kelso that you will assume him to become.