What is the calamine TikTok trend about? Doctor warns against viral trend


If you may have been utilizing calamine lotion as your make-up primer that went viral as a hack on TikTok then right here’s what specialists need to say about it. TikTok has been having numerous make-up hack for all. However, not all are good for a long run use. Hence, in case you have been utilizing your calamine lotion as a make-up primer. Then right here’s what you could learn about its use.

Read forward to know extra about TikTok’s trend of Calamine lotion as a make-up primer will get specialists warning.

TikTok’s viral hack of calamine lotion as a make-up primer

TikTok is filled with hacks for the customers be it any health hack, cooking hack or a make-up hack. As certainly one of the make-up hack got here when it launched the use of calamine lotion as a make-up primer. Though, the make-up hack labored effectively for everybody who tried it. However, specialists have just lately warned against this hack.

Calamine lotion is used for a number of function like curing the solar burn, insect bites, pores and skin irritation. Yet, just lately with the use of it as a make-up primer. Users have been changing the standard make-up primer with the calamine lotion. Which briefly time period does give good outcomes.

Calamine lotions are in large calls for

This lotion being a treatment to assist in rooster pox as effectively is extremely in demand in US. Further, in line with specialists this hack of utilizing the lotion as a make-up primer is making the product exit of caught. Yet, individuals aren’t in search of professional’s recommendation earlier than utilizing it.

As this lotion creates a barrier between the pores and skin and the basis of make-up. Which finally makes one have a superb end with their make-up. However, although this hack is giving quick time period advantages. Now the trend has reached some specialists and dermatologists.

Experts warns against use of calamine lotion as make-up primer

As per specialists, Calamine lotion has zinc oxide and phenol in it which acts like an antiseptic. However, the lotion additionally has clay in it. Which is liable for making the pores and skin dry out. Hence, if one makes use of the calamine lotion as a make-up primer for lengthy. All that may occur with it is that it’ll trigger extreme dryness on pores and skin.

The dryness could make the face ultimately look scaly and may trigger redness as effectively. Hence, for a long run profit don’t use calamine lotion as a substitute for make-up primer.

What is the calamine TikTok trend about? Doctor warns against viral trend.For More Article Visit Techtwiddle

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