What Happened To Otis On Chicago Fire?


The “One Chicago” franchise business remains to down together with offshoot programs like “Chicago P.D.” as well as “Chicago Med,” yet the initial series that booted points off, “Chicago Fire,” can easily still locate techniques of unexpected viewers. The present complies with the firemens of Chicago’s imaginary Firehouse 51, recording both the scenarios they react to as well as their individual everyday lives. Since premiering on NBC in 2012, “Chicago Fire” has actually opened 9 times as well as 195 incidents thus far, as well as a tenth time performs the technique.

Like various other programs developed due to the epic writer-producer Dick Wolf, “Chicago Fire” depends on a “case of the week” construct, along with a brand-new situation pushing each incident. But the series additionally possesses a tough team of center personalities whom followers have actually expanded to like. One of those personalities is actually Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuriy Sardarov). A center directed participant coming from the 1st time, Otis was actually recognized for delivering a little bit of comic alleviation to the series.

But if you happened to overlook the time 8 opened, you may possess seen that Otis have not seemed on the series because that incident broadcast. Here’s what happened to him. Spoilers ahead of time for “Chicago Fire.”

Sadly, Otis really did not create it away from the bed manufacturing plant fire

The time 7 ending, “I’m Not Leaving You,” upright a cliffhanger: A shedding bed manufacturing plant took off along with several of the participants of Firehouse 51 still within. In the time 8 opened, it was actually unfortunately uncovered that Otis passed away coming from burns maintained in the blast. He talked his valid points in Russian to his friend Joe Cruz, which Chief Boden converted as “Brother, I will be with you always.” Firehouse 51 later set up a remembrance in his moment. This was actually a disastrous setting for followers of the personality as well as has actually been actually recognized to lower “Chicago Fire” customers to rips.

So why performed this occur? The developers understood they intended to eliminate among the series’s primary personalities. In a 2019 job interview along with TV Line, “Chicago Fire” manager manufacturer Derek Haas detailed why Otis was actually the choice. “For [the death] to be a real surprise, you need it to be a core cast member,” Haas mentioned. “We thought that Yuriy affects everyone in the house as well as fans. I had seen a memorial at an LA firehouse, and I thought that’s something we’ve never done before. I was thinking how could he be remembered, so I had the memorial as the ending in my mind and worked backward from that.”

And there you possess it. Otis’ fatality is actually a great suggestion for followers of the “Chicago” franchise business: regardless of exactly how well-liked a personality may be, no one is actually risk-free.