What Happened To Nam Vo On The Challenge?


The thrilling truth series “The Challenge”– certainly not to become perplexed along with the Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olson flick of the very same title– is actually back for its own 37th time along with much more acts, dramatization, and also barriers. This brand new time includes an overall of 34 gamers, one-half coming from the U.S. and also one-half coming from various other nations around the globe, that are actually paired to complete for the possibility to gain large money. The rivals are actually likewise an appealing mix of coming back gamers coming from previous times and also totally brand new oppositions, which includes much more manipulation in to the formula.

One of the pro oppositions is actually Nam Vo, that initially showed up in the 36th time prior to he was actually clinically released after receiving harmed throughout an obstacle. After it was actually disclosed he would certainly be actually leaving behind the series, Vo created on Instagram that “making this decision and taking me out of the show was taking care of me at the same time. So I could heal, get recovered and may come back even stronger.”

Fans were actually pushed to view that Vo was actually back on “The Challenge” this time, yet sadly host T.J. Lavin declared that Vo however, once again “deactivated” coming from the competitors right after Episode 1, without an illustration. So what actually happened?

Vo may’ve possessed COVID-19

While there is actually no very clear response regarding why Vo was actually pushed aside coming from the competitors, the best prominent idea drifting around the web is actually that he obtained COVID occasionally throughout development and also was actually regarded also ill to complete. In April, stories began to move around that development was actually shelved as a result of the widespread ( through Screen Rant), and also the workers was actually taking safety measures to make sure every person’s health and wellness– though no titles were actually pointed out.

Variety earlier consulted with showrunner Emer Harkin, that clarified what would certainly occur if an individual in the hue or even workers were actually to get ill coming from COVID-19: “If any of the cast members had received a positive COVID test and been unable to start the season, there were alternates on standby. But, if someone had tested positive in the middle of filming, production would have had to shut down, send that person home and address their exit in the show.” The documentation extremely leads to Vo being actually the entrant that sadly got ill throughout shooting, and also must leave behind the series. As Harkin clarified, “We couldn’t keep people there for months on end, just waiting.”

Since Vo have not discussed the scenario, our company’ll must wait on a formal response.

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