What Happened To Kelsey Jeter? Debra Jeter Daughter Death and Family Tragedy Explained


On June 5, 2009, Kelsey Jeter, a 12-year-old Hillsboro lady, was slain by her personal mom, Debra Jeter.

Although the occasion of time, the info and case of Debra Jeter slitting her personal daughter’s throat is unsettling.

On June 5, 2009, on the age of 32, she slashed the throats of each of her youngsters at an deserted residence off of Interstate 77 in Hillsboro, Texas.

In 2004, Debra Jeter was charged with brutally assaulting her older daughter, Kiersten, nonetheless the costs have been dropped after Debra Jeter achieved psychological correctly being treatment.

Further, Kelsey, her 12-year-old daughter, was brutally murdered with a knife in that occasion.

What Happened To Kelsey Jeter?

After being discharged from the hospital, Debra formulated a plan to see her two youngsters, Kelsey and Kiersten, and drove them to an deserted home off Interstate 77 right before Route 35 in Milford.

According to tales, Jeter commenced by hanging Kiersten with a knife. As she battled collectively alongside along with her mom, Kiersten yelled for her sibling to run. As a remaining outcome, Debra’s consideration turned away from Kiersten and in path of Kelsey.

On May 27, 2010, Debra Jeter, Kelsey Jeter’s mom, was sentenced to life in jail

Kiersten was stabbed all through the as soon as extra whereas defending her sister. Kelsey was tragically killed all through the deserted home’s toilet after Debra slit her throat.

Debra furthermore returned to Kiersten and sliced her all by the neck, severing her airway and a extreme artery. However, after being found all through the deserted home’s mattress room, Kiersten was airlifted for emergency surgical course of and survived.

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Debra Jeter’s Daughter, Kelsey Jeter’s Death

Kelsey Jeter, Debra Jeter’s daughter, died tragically after her mom stabbed her neck. Besides, the incident occurred two weeks after being briefly incarcerated for a suicide try in entrance of her two daughters.

Kiersten, the oldest daughter, was severely injured in the midst of the assault. Kiersten was discovered with a stab wound on her as soon as extra along with a slit neck, apparently on account of her try to protect her youthful sister from the assault.

Debra cruelly murdered Kelsey Jeter when she was solely 12 years earlier in an deserted home

Despite Kelsey’s horrific accidents, she remained alive and cognizant, begging her mom to name for assist. She didn’t, nonetheless, survive the ordeal.

Further, Debra justified her horrible habits by saying she was “heartbroken” by her divorce and youngster custody wrestle.

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Kelsey Jeter’s Family Tragically Breaks Down

Kelsey Jeter’s beloved household of 4 dispersed instantly, and the 12-year-old herself died.

As beforehand talked about, her mom’s try on the heinous crime was a mirrored image of her damaged coronary coronary coronary heart, which was unable to soak up the ache she was experiencing on account of her divorce and youngster custody battle.

Lester Lee Jeter, Kelsey’s father, filed for divorce in May 2009, citing undisclosed causes.

Additionally, whereas Debra was nonetheless all through the hospital, her husband filed for divorce, obtained a brief restraining order, and was awarded momentary custody of his two youngsters.

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