What Exactly Happened To Shannon Melendi? Murder Mystery Of Emory University Student On NBC Dateline


In the following Shannon’s Story episode of NBC Dateline, investigator Dennis Murphy will look into the sad kidnapping and demise of Shannon Melendi, an area of Florida.

In addition, the Emory University scholar, then 19 years outdated, vanished at a gasoline station on March 26, 1994, and was remaining seen alive.

The journalistic and emotional sides of the case could be further explored in NBC Dateline: Shannon’s Story by interviews with family, buddies, neighbors, and laws enforcement personnel.

For further data on the case and the Melendis’ ongoing search for justice, tune in to the forthcoming episode of the current on August 12 at 10/9c.

Shannon Melendi

What Happened To Shannon Melendi?

According to ABC News, Hinton allegedly admitted killing Shannon Melendi on July 17, 2006. Evidently, his remorse or the reality that he had exhausted all of his justifications caught up with him.

Hinton gave a prosecutor and the investigating officer in Georgia a vivid account of what he did. ” If I’ve to spend the rest of my life in a cell for 23 hours day-after-day, a minimum of I can breathe, Hinton added. She can’t, though.”

On the other hand, on the day Melendi disappeared, he invited her to lunch after work. In order to go to his residence in Rex, Georgia, Hinton feigned to take a unsuitable activate the way in which wherein there for lunch.

Finally, he requested Melendi to take the wheel whereas claiming to have a leg cramp. Then Hinton took a hidden knife from the backseat of his vehicle and compelled Melendi to adjust to him to his residence.

Hinton was able to tie Melendi up and take her vehicle to a gasoline station whereas leaving the keys inside on account of his partner and children weren’t residence.

Later, he would beat Melendi as soon as extra sooner than strangling her to demise with a necktie. Then, in his yard, he set Melendi on fireplace, obliterating her physique.

Murder Mystery Of Emory University Student On NBC Dateline

On March 26, 1994, Shannon Melendi, an Emory University scholar, was remaining seen analyzing the score all through a softball recreation in DeKalb County. The day after she disappeared, her vehicle was discovered the following day at a gasoline station alongside together with her keys nonetheless inside.

An individual lastly contacted the Emory hotline and claimed to have kidnapped Shannon after posting posters about missing people and persevering with the search.

Detectives began investigating the declare and located that the choice originated from a McDonough phone gross sales house. They discovered Shannon’s marriage ceremony ceremony band taped tight inside a purse.

Police have been able to be part of the tape and the pouch to Butch Hinton using microscopic proof on account of he was an umpire on the softball recreation when Shannon disappeared.

He was the prime suspect inside the case on account of he had remaining seen her alive. Twelve years after Shannon disappeared, a conviction was achieved, and on Friday night time time, NBC Dateline will proceed to look into these events.

Family: Shannon Melendi Mother And Sister Today

Shannon’s dad and mother, Yvonne and Luis Melendi, and her youthful sister, Monique Melendi, have despatched the parole board a deluge of emails and petitions pleading with it to deny Hinton parole.

In an effort to keep up Butch Hinton behind bars and cease his parole, the Melendi family has signed petitions and submitted appeals.

Her sister moreover revealed that she had held the positions of junior and senior class president at her highschool.

When a predator inside the crowd dashed her ambitions, she had been awarded the scholarship to attend Emory University and was holding the score at a softball recreation.

Watch the following NBC Dateline program to be taught further regarding the horrible case and the Melendi family’s continued battle for Shannon’s justice.

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