What Does TTB Mean and How Do I Use It?


The web acronym TTBhas greater than one definition yet there is one that it’s mostly utilized for. Here’s a take a look at how you must be utilizing it.

When it pertains to internet acronyms, some terms are much more acquainted than others. Others have many significances they might cause some complication. “TTB” beings in the 2nd camp as a result of its numerous usages. Here’s a glimpse at the term.


For lots of people, TTB indicates “That’s Too Bad.” It’s usually utilized on texting systems, although you may likewise see it on social networking websites. The individual sending this web acronym is reacting to something somebody stated that’s regrettable, unfortunate, or bothering.

However, TTB has various other methods in pc gaming, consisting of “Through the Breach” and “Ties That Bind.” Through the Breach is a tabletop roleplaying video game embeded in the globe ofMalifaux The gamers tackle the function of the Fated, males, and females that have actually captured a quick look of their fates. By comparison, Ties That Bind is a very first and third-person shooter emotional scary video game in which the gamer controls Torque, the gamer personality, from either a first-person or third-person point of view, depending upon their choice.


If you instead not use TTB for “that’s too bad,” there are alternate jargon terms to think about. These consist of IFYP (“I feel your pain”), TBFU (“Too bad for you”), TRS (“That really sucks”), and STBY (“Sucks to be you”).

Other Meanings

Besides the significances pointed out over, you may see TTB define the Tanooki Board, Test Tube Baby, Techno-Taking Babe, and Thur theBible And after that there’s TTB as it connects to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). It’s the U.S. firm that have to assess the components and ingredients of specific red wines, distilled spirits, and beers prior to the item can be made or imported and prior to the importer or bottler might look for a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA), according to Hop Law.

Come back typically for info on various other web jargon terms. Already, we’ve covered CU, TTYL, TL; DR, BIAB, amongst numerous others.

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