What Does LMAO Mean and How Do I Use It?


The term LMAO has greater than one definition, although you most likely currently understand one of the most preferred. Here are the others you can tryout with your good friends.

One of the craziest web acronyms you can use will most likely make those in the discussion or reviewing your article online “LOL.” Here’s what you require to find out about “LMAO” and what makes it unique.

What Does “LMAO” Mean?

The term suggests “laughing my ass off,” and it’s usually seen in messaging applications such as Telegram, Messages, What sApp, and on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram,and Facebook The acronym is probably restricted to use with household and good friends and not in the office. It’s utilized as a response to something stated by somebody else in a message or social media network and is textspeak for “that was funny” or “that really made me laugh.” It does not actually mean you’ve chuckled your base off.

Similar cyber talk consists of LOL (“laugh out loud”) and ROTFL (“rolling on the floor”) There’s additionally LMFAO, or “laughing my freaking ass off.”


LMAO has actually been around given that the 1990s, like the majority of internet jargon terms. Early adopters of on the internet interaction utilized it. It can be utilized top or lowercased, with neither method far better than the various other. Pick the variation you’re most comfy making use of.


Here’s a couple of instances of the term being utilized:

Other Meanings

There are various other definitions for LMAO drifting around the web, which some cruder than others. Among the much more domesticated ones are Leave Me Alone Okay, Lick Me All Over, Let’s Make Another Offer,and Laughing My All Out There’s additionally Let Me Ask Obama and Lamenting My Anguish Online.

There are plenty of texting acronyms. We’ll be covering even more of these right here at groovyPost, so maintain returning. Those we have actually currently covered consist of the formerly pointed out: CU, TTYL, TL; DR, and BIAB.

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