What does avow imply on TikTok as new slang goes viral?


The phrase avow is at present going viral on TikTok, and individuals are questioning precisely what it means. So, if you wish to keep updated with the best new slang, then look no additional.

Every day, new TikTok tunes, dances and recipes are created and despatched viral. The newest factor catching folks’s consideration. Now, new phrases and slang have began to go viral with the newest development being Abo, additionally written as Abow or Avow.

Stay tuned to search out out what you’re actually saying while you use the newest abbreviation, Avow.

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What does avow imply on TikTok

There are many meanings of Avow within the Urban Dictionary. The first and predominant which means was posted final 12 months and was described as being Swedish slang and means ‘wow’, ‘omg, ‘whaat” or ‘damn.’

Other’s say that it’s European slang and the origin of the phrase is said to come back from the center east as Turkish Arabic slang.

Abow can be mentioned for use by Milwaukee folks as a term they consult with when they’re getting ‘lit’.

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This time period has develop into prolific since being featured in a music that was launched by budding musical artists ShantiiP and TarioP. The music was launched on YouTube on 26 December 2021 and has since gone viral on TikTok.

The music titled Throw It Back mentions the phrases abow or avow in its lyrics: “He told me Throw It back abow.” The phrase is repeated all through the music.

From there the slang phrase went viral and the hashtag of avow racked up many views, reaching over 500 million.

New slang goes viral and followers are confused

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