What did Jason Kennedy do? Liberty Christian School principal faces 11 new prices after 2022 arrest


Jason Kennedy, head of Freedom Christian professors in Tennessee, that was caught hold going year on accusations of abuse of a small, was since late prosecuted on 11 extra prices after evaluations discovered the suspicious assaulted 3 additional casualties.

Jason Kennedy, 47, was initial caught as well as butted in August 2022 for s * xually messing up a minor understudy at his home in Athens,Tennessee The 19-year-old casualty allow professionals understand that Kennedy, along with professors assistant as well as self-teach facilitator Brittney Branham, 28, that was continuing to be with the suspect as well as his greater fifty percent back then, assaulted her for relatively a long time whereas she was a small.


Following the insurance claims, Kennedy was implicated of 2 matters of s * xual attack by an impact identify as well as one count of asking for of a small in association with the episode. Branham was furthermore implicated of gross sales of a small in August for offering to the suspect.

The earlier principal goes to the minute needing to deal with 11 new charges, along with s * xual activity along with a small, asking for of a small to keep in mind s * xual lead, irritable s * xual battery, 6 matters of s * xual battery by an impact identify, as well as 2 matters of violation of the Kid (*11 *) Act.

Agents shared that nonetheless the initial casualty, that described the misbehavior, they’ve found 3 new casualties the suspicious assaulted throughout his residency as the peak of the Christian professors. It is jumbled presuming that Branham outlined with Kennedy in association with the brand name new prices.

In a court docket promised assertion, the 19-year-old casualty, that at first described the episode, defined countless instances the area she was messed up by Jason Kennedy as well as his associate Brittney Branham.

According to the New York Post, the more youthful specific individual, whereas assessing the occurrence that happened in 2019, mentioned that she was allegedly a small each time she initially passed the night at Kennedy’s home that he conveyed to his important various as well as the university assistant Branham.

Depicting the dreadful knowledge, the casualty mentioned that she was allegedly continuing to be in a the same area as Branham when Jason Kennedy obtained right here right into the area. After the assistant asked for the earlier head to call her in an inappropriate method, she was messed up. Branham after that asked for that the casualty hold what had actually unravelled within the area.

According to the record, the more youthful specific individual was assaulted as quickly as additional in 2020 as well as 2021, the area, in among lots of instances, Branham as well as Kennedy got her a “high contrast meager robe” as well as called her upper body. The casualty allowed professionals understand that after the attack, the perpetrators attached up their clothes as well as remained to tackle just as if absolutely nothing at any type of degree happened.

As suggested by a court docket promised assertion described by the send, the casualty mentioned after the abuse, the victimizers acted:

“Like nothing had occurred, they started talking like typical.”
Specialists have not provided the names as well as personalities of different casualties that had actually been discovered to relative abuse by Jason Kennedy as they had actually been minor more youthful ladies.

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