Watch Anupama Today’s Episode Written Update from August 16, 2022


Watch Anupama Today’s Episode Written Update from August 16, 2022

We’re once more with the latest Anupama change. This television current has an infinite following. This serial opens with Barkha stating that Anuj was in an accident nevertheless no person reported it to the police, per the promo trailer. Because she was a bystander all through the incident, Kavya tells Barkha that there isn’t a such factor as a need for an investigation. Kavya is educated by Barkha that the probe has been halted because it’s in opposition to Vanraj. Paritosh inquires of Barkha if she meant Vanraj. pushed Anuj sooner than leaping off himself. He wishes to debate a selected motive, nevertheless Barkha solely wishes the police to check out one factor. Leela reply to Barkha. She queries Barkha as as to if her relationship with Anju is due to his possessions.

Vanraj behind the counter, according to Barkha. She claims that she is unconcerned regarding the particular person accompanying Vanraj to the jail as correctly. Vanraj, his mom and father, or any of his kids who search to defend him might also face jail time, according to Barkha. Barkha is stopped by Anupama, who causes Barha to vary into irate and cast doubt on Anupama’s moral character. She inquires as to Anupama’s continued fondness for Vanraj. Thus, Barkha continues, she is on Anupama’s aspect.

Anupama 16th August 2022

Anupama inquires as as to if Barkha have to be grateful to the celebrities for accusing her on the hospital; in every other case, she would have demonstrated to her what happens when any person assaults her character. According to Leela, Anuj is to accountable on account of he might want to have fallen after pushing Vanraj. Kapadias and Shahs begin to dispute. Adhik claims that Vanraj allegedly threatened Anuj in public. Vanraj on the Pareto aspect. Barkha is adamant about making a criticism. She asserts that she’s going to eradicate anyone who makes an try and behave as a mediator. Barkha is instructed by Anupama that she is free to do irrespective of she pleases. She receives a reputation from the physician.

Anupama rushes to take a look at Anuj and Ajun reawaken. Anupama will get enthusiastic. Shahs moreover turns into animated. Barkha turns into enraged. Anupama requests Anuj’s awakening as she has been prepared a really very long time. She fastens the jewelry that Anu gave her. Anuj is urged to stand up by Anupama. She forces him to take heed to Anu’s voicemail. Anuj begins with awaking. He admits that he loves Anupama. Anupama expresses her affection for Anuj when she is joyful. As he shortly recovered consciousness, Barkha believed that future was working in opposition to Anuj and Anupama.

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