US Open: Botic van de Zandschulp making a name for himself during Flushing Meadows run


Botic van de Zandschulp has actually created his US Open launching matter as the 25-year aged Dutchman has actually accelerated to the 3rd around. New York City is actually brand-new ground for him having actually never ever viewed the metropolitan area personally prior to coming in on the premises.

Van de Zandschulp discuss run in New York thus far

‘ I understand it perhaps seems definitely odd coming from a ping pong gamer”, the world number 117 said. “This metropolitan area is actually quite wonderful. I simply viewed it coming from the flicks as well as in a TELEVISION collection. It’s the very first time finding it along with my personal eyes.”

He had actually intended to look into additional of the metropolitan area along with what he took over would certainly be actually included downtime, yet 3 triumphes in certifying as well as a set of troubles generally draw have actually placed those consider grip.

“I’ve been here to restaurants and you walk around the city a little bit, but I was planning to do some more if I lost in the tournament”, he mentioned. “That’s not happening right now, so hopefully I can visit some stuff next week.”

Starting ping pong at grow older 4, Botic observed his sibling Melvin to the courts till Melvin was actually 11.

“I always had to go to the tennis court with him to go to his practice. My mother, Ingrid, played club matches in Holland at an amateur level. But a lot of the time we were at tennis clubs, so that is how I started.”

Van de Zandschulp’s earliest moments of qualified ping pong arised from this competition. In 2003, when he was actually simply 7, he don’t forgets checking out Andy Roddick play for the very first time. The American celebrity attacked 4 aces in a video game, as well as the Dutchman feared.

“That’s what stuck with me”, Van de Zandschulp mentioned. “I watched a lot of Andy Roddick when I was young. I watched a lot of [Rafael] Nadal of course, and I watched a lot of [Andre] Agassi. Those are guys from when I was really young.”

In 2019, Van de Zandschulp was actually inside the leading 200 in the ATP ranks for the very first time, aided through a label at the Hamburg Challenger celebration.

“I started to do well in Challengers. After that was COVID, so it stopped me [improving] my [ATP] Ranking, but not my game”, he mentioned. “From then on, I think i’ve been progressing on an upwards line and i’m trying to continue that.”

For right now, his primary target is actually to meet the Top 100 as well as if he may pound Facundo Bagnis, that target is going to likely be actually obtained.

“Of course it’s a big deal [making the third round], but I think I can go further in the tournament if I play like today”, he mentioned after beating 8th seed Casper Ruud “That’s what i am actually paid attention to. For me it is actually certainly not completion of the competition if I create the 3rd around.

“That’s not how i’m [thinking]. Of course it’s the first time for me, but you always want to do better.”